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I'm Nick Hilton. I'm here with Nick Campbell today. Good afternoon hello how are you? I'm doing well so good to see you. I know I'm sorry. We kept you waiting in the driveway. That's okay you took advantage of the Camper I see I didn't find accommodation. Okay good great. And we're here with two guests will introduce them here in a second but we're GONNA do some nonsense real quick. We always talk about the down to fight. Fire or F- volunteer firefighters. Podcast out of Canada Great Group of guys volunteers. They have a show. They launched every Monday. They just launched one recently that They had a guest on doing a lot of guests shows lately which is good beefing it up a little bit on our idea. Yeah I think so. I think so. I was very tempted in calling in when they were recording last night. Because I was up real late I was going call in and ask where are decals. Were that? They said they were going to send us but I didn't. It's been like Dangle Dakhil they got some dekel so that's how they pronounced they pronounce things. Weird up there. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's what it was. I guess the Canadian Postal Service messed up getting to the. Us Postal Service. I don't know how that works but anyway down to fight. Fire volunteer firefighters podcasts. They Talk A lot about training techniques that calls they go on the very busy being a ruled apartment. They do do a lot of Building fires and bushfires they call them and and they're real active and they have a youtube channel where they do a lot of training videos. Really unique things Some Canadian ingenuity. It's really good so go. Check those guys out down. Fire volunteer firefighters podcast. Next thing real quick to get these announcements out of the way don't forget. The New England Northeast and fire summit coming up in March march. Sixth seventh and eighth in Maine. Yes right around the corner. And when this launches on Sunday it'll be what one week get. Your tickets ordered by your tickets. You can buy them up until the last The Friday before So it's a good. It's a good show. There's a lot of Big names that they're going to have speaking and the last episode. I named them off but The headline Russians to the headliner. I duNno she's considered headline or not but she's kicking off the weakened. It's going to be Brooke aims from Wisconsin. She's going to do her. Little speech called the aggressively positive aggressively. Positive is it that one it's motivational Sancha. I think is what we're going to have her on the show. I talked to her quite a bit last night online. And she's raring to go We're GONNA set her up with the gym at the Fire House in the village. She has a place to work out because she's big into fitness. If you look up. She's The misfit firefighter on instagram and she does a lot of a lot of working out and whatnot. So anyway the check that out get there. It's worth the money it's worth. The experience is worth the traveling you'd be able to travel. It's in Wells Maine. Go to our facebook page. You'll see some info on that now announcements out of the way because we want to get into this show because we have two guests in house we have chief Matt Ross from the goodwins mills main fight apartment and then we have is deputy deputy chief deputy chief ooh Deputy Chief. Ben Harris also from the good ones meals fight apartment. Welcome to the show my friends. Thanks for having a says exciting and you guys caught our eye because well Ben. You're one of the instructors in the fire officer wanted to class at Paul and I are taking and he's not here by the way because he's his wife got some surgery or whatever some sort of procedure. So you're supposed to say study studying first class homework. He's doing his homework. We just saw him a few minutes ago but he's got to go home. Take care of the kids but anyway you guys in Goodwin's mills have a very very strong membership of very solid membership and you guys have what people knocking on the door to get in right now. We had two more this week. Yeah that's incredible well so that is. The premise of show is talking with departments and leaders in in trying to get others to realize that it is possible to recruit. It is possible to have strong membership so we want to dive in a little bit about you guys. And maybe a quick history brief history of both you and how you get into the fire service and then dive into what Goodwin's mills is about. And what they're doing that's keeping these numbers coming in right. So chief why don't we start with you? Wh- what's yours history with the fire service so I started in the fire service in ninety seven as a junior? Firefighter is probably one of the biggest things I'll hit on. This show. Is the junior fire department. going up through the ranks and been in good for almost twenty years now and just recently promoted to the fire. Chief there Outside of Goodwin's mills. I've been a full time. Firefighter and sell Poland for twelve years and five paramedic fund. Now you know before it became of firefighter. He was a fulltime police officer. Soko in no way. We're really we all know what firefighters and police officers have in common rate. Well they both want to be fired right. I finally got that five extra points on the test. Yeah right I know exactly what police officers. I like police officers. I worked for a Police Police Department for eleven years. I just got done doing that. So good good work on that. That's good that's good so now you're chief I am right. How how is that going? It's going well you know. Been the interim fire chief since October and recently as January twenty first promoted and appointed as the official fire chief and Gooden's awesome Full time or part time. It is a full time position. Yep great that's good. That's good and then. How'd you get this guy over here to help me out? I think he helps me out. Helped him out yet. But we're getting there So yeah for me my I'm one of those good old boys. I started out in Goodwin's mills as a fourteen year. Old Junior firefighter. Which again chief do Ross commented on is when you look at our core group of officers and our guys who have stayed around for a long time. They started out. As junior firefighters grew around the firehouse got them involved in their fourteen before they got into driving cars and doing stuff in town and Keeping them out of trouble them they kept a bunch of us out of trouble. Kept us on the street narrows and We're in good shape for me. My grandfather was a charter member of the good ones. Most Fire Department back in nineteen forty nine. My father was a lifetime member and did his twenty five thirty years and So you were destined to here. I am so That's kind of my story how I got involved but yeah great because I work a fulltime job or to outside of the fire service. I think that's a great mix for what we have to have that though you have to have something a little bit different you know a lot of people. They throw their whole lives. They put their whole lives into the fire service and eventually it kind of wears account could wear on them. I don't know I think that's an advantage that maybe we don't take really good advantage of the call side of it is in the column Volunteer Service. You have a very vast amount of different experiences and different strengths different. You know things that you can draw versus. You know you hire firemen in a career department. And that's what they do. And maybe they have something on the side but they were predominantly there. Because they're in the fire department and where you have. You can really draw from all different professions in different trades and yeah exactly So how about a little bit about the goodwins Mills Fire Department? Now you guys cover to towns right. That's correct we're a municipal fire department that operates under a inter local agreement between the towns of Dayton and. Lyman me okay. So a total population of about six hundred sixty five hundred members are on call right at the fire departments comprise. We have five full time. Employees the fire chief and four or five fighters okay and the remaining staff is on call. We do supplement the full time firefighter with a twenty four hour. Day Pretty position. Okay so on a on a typical day. There's two firefighter. Emt On twenty four hours a day and then the fire chief when he can find time to be in the office forty hours a week. You got time right now planning planning something else that we're not accessing discourage semester but we started a few years ago was being a living site for southern. Maine Community College. Okay we'll have two or three we're down to two. We've had as many as three in the past to correct but now we have twenty four hour coverage down to to live in students through southern Maine Community College right station. That's that's a good benefit a know what scarborough and all those departments westbrook and stuff. They were taking advantage of that for quite a while. So that's that's good that you guys can do that. There's quite a few departments involved in it and you know it's based out of the Portland campus of southern Southern Maine Community College. Which when you start talking about good smells where forty five minutes from the college or so. It gets tougher for us to be attractive to a college student. To live out in the sticks thing in Dayton and live in Maine. But it's truly benefited us. And we we give them an experience that they couldn't get in town either. You know we still use them as students because the third person but we're not. We're not relying on them but at the same time. They're seeing some stuff that they wouldn't see. You know the big career departments would kind of have less for them to do right when we dig into this recruitment retention stuff? And you really look at it. Our live in students go on to be fulltime firefighters. Either good smells or someplace else. They build friendships with other similar age members of our fire department. They buy houses locally. They don't go back to Vermont Connecticut. They stay local. They become solid members of our organization and keep their friends around to helps. Well that's important. The network is in networking is important. And I think that should start at a young age when you're in college network why we're on the subject of Education. One area that we've benefited from immensely has been the center of technology so the vocational programs and I know in Southern Maine. Anyways has been huge for US. Every town you know whether it's either Stanford Bid Aford now or Westbrook. Every town.

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