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O p dot com. It's a 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's check it out here with Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. Accident activity. Montgomery County had a Rockville 28 westbound on memory lane. You've got the far left lane getting by. I think it's your turn Lane. Montgomery County authorities remain on scene removing this crash. Topside outlook still live in heavy right there. Georgia Avenue. There's really no delay on the Beltway at all between Bethesda and Oxen Hill, looking good out of Frederick to 70 south to the lane divide. Still quiet between the Beltway's on 95. The BW Parkway couldn't quiet in Virginia 95 3 95 66 little bit heavy East found out near 1 23. You're good to go on the Beltway itself between Alexandria and Maclaine, George Washington Parkways moving pretty well. We do have again. 11 metro stations closed today through next Friday morning. 5 A.m.. You've got no service. They'll just go through the stations that fair Get North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle beginning tomorrow. The closure through next Friday morning of these two stations as well. Metro Center and Gallery place again. Trains will not stop at these stations. Today through next Friday morning. You've got access today with Metro Center and gallery place. But that will change tomorrow. Our new closures downtown around the security perimeter, the freeway westbound, leaving the 11th Street Bridge past the third Street Tunnel. The Access ramp. Two Main Avenue is blocked with the police and you've got dump trucks across the roadway. Trouble off the 14th Street bridge is no access on the lower 14th that's closed between 3 95 and L. Street Northwest, the 12th Street Tunnel's blocked north bound between 3 95 and Constitution Avenue, now a trouble spot with a broken down vehicle. It's on D C to 95 South Bend. After Benning Road, last heard in Northeast, we'd have that broken down vehicle in the far left lane. Now, don't forget. There's a complete list of all the closures around the capital, the National Mall and the White House on w t o p dot com Ledo Pizza Square Because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners, Lido pizzas been a local favorite since 1955 order online at Ledo pizza dot com. Jack Taylor, deputy T o P. Traffic. We get a check on the forecast now, with Storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. Skies will cloud over today in Smith. Showers will be arriving in the late afternoon into the evening with highs in the upper forties to low fifties. Light rain and drizzle overnight tonight, but any before morning, cool and damp clothes in the mid thirties to near 40 brisk and colder tomorrow with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. Some scattered showers in the afternoon, some of which could.

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