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That is definitely one of my go-to practices quotes. I have a piece of wood. That has a quote laser etched into it. And it's not so much a quote as a proverb to polish proverb and it's very simple. Not my circus. Not my monkeys now. Why would i use that very often. Because my unproductive thought or emotional loop is triggered by some bullshit that gets foisted upon me like a hot potato and i would say in combination with not my circus monkeys. The expression your lack of preparation does not constitute my emergency. Which was said to me once way back in the day when i was getting started because i was trying to rush someone to do something and it is simply reminder that if you allow everyone else's to do list to become your to do list you will have a life replete of emergencies and that just produces a daily experience and a life of cortisol which i don't think any of us want no granted you need cortisol. You die but you don't want to have a life that has dominated by stress hormones so those are a few and then last but not least and i know i've mentioned this already in this episode and the fact that i'll mention it should tell you that i view it as valuable the book awareness by anthony. Danilo it is a constant source of nourishment with incredible after-effects. I find myself really to be at peace for two to three weeks after reading awareness with fresh eyes and i find a new nuance or a new. Take away from this book. Even though i've read it probably twelve times at this point. Something along ten to twelve times. I would say minimum an entire shelf in my guest bedroom at home. That is full of copies of awareness to give to friends who come to visit. That is how strongly. I feel about the benefits comment from justin stewart. Ted lasso is a good one too. I pulled my followers on twitter and facebook. And so onto a few million people asking for an easy feel-good series to binge watch and ted lasso. Lasso came up repeatedly. It was probably one of the top three so that is also on my list and even in this chat there are many plus ones ted lasso. Matt ridley asks. How much time do i set aside for reading each week. I tend to read before bed as a way to wind down and very frequently i would say once or twice a week i will try to read. This is often if i am feeling anxious for whatever reason or rushed but without a clear explanation i meditate have my tea or coffee then lay down on the couch with my dog and read for thirty to sixty minutes so i would say if you total all up. I am probably reading for three to five hours per week. If i'm traveling it will be significantly higher question here. How active are you in lobbying. Congress decrease restrictions on psychedelic research..

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