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To to get the most you know i consider myself a good point guard that doesn't shoot that much that's why i put my my teammates in position to to look at their best and and at this point you know jalen this is the mid person i work with the most i know him so well that i kind of am i it's like a like a like a veteran point guard you know i'm just there i'm coming here coach on the floor so to speak and i worked with the production staff at jalen and jacoby and we we kind of lay the plans together and then jalen shows up with no no preparation he's not in the meetings nothing at all and i just kind of steer him in a position to score and then he puts the ball and hoop typical talent we're speaking with david jacoby jalen and jacoby fame in seriously for a moment if you will you know we have a lot of shows on our air audio and television that feature people you know discussing the day's events in sports with each other how do we find a way to distinguish all these shows from each other i wish i knew the answer that question i think that one thing you always have to keep in mind that we are so inside the bubble the sports media bubble that we forget that the time spent viewing it he's panting don't quote me on this i don't know and this was true probably ten years ago six minutes we'll call yeah we'll call barry barry bland one of the best by the way lebaron big obey blend i think our time spent viewing is probably like five or six minutes so like wall we sit at a desk and have espn all day well we consume all of the different espn shows and try to differentiate between them what the actual audience the people that really matter are doing is they turn on espn so i think that while we need to experience it and not through our own spectrum but through the spectrum of the fan and make sure that win those five minutes that they are watching are going to be excellent you know that's kind of how i look at it because it i think when you're inside the bubble you spend so much time looking at the other shows they did this topic that way i'm gonna change my run down to not do the same or who i've got this one piece of video cleared i hope that the other shows units don't see it and use it before we do and those sort of like internal conversations that were all having our dialogues in our own head but the end of the day the sports fan that just clicks on espn they probably push the numbers to the espn channel without seeing what show is going to be there they just know that good sports are going to be there and you can't format shows or the discussions taking place in shows arranged them around the people who are sitting there watching all day because as you suggest they are entirely unrepresentative of most people's experience of course i mean it's like there's one thing that's preaching to the choir i think that you know though the people that watch his fan all day then you're just preaching to yourself in the mirror you know i mean it's there are the people that are watching us ten all day long are are are not the audience they need to grab and hold is the people that are have one other knows in the phone and they're cruising around and someone else's in a commercial you need to grab and hold those people which is why i think we need more jeremy shop on the network you know that that is not a position held by many but only by the best i appreciate your your endorsement when you were growing up who are your favorite people on tv or on the radio oh i think sam from cheers was probably the closest ball by norma data date i would say ted danson dance is probably i think at some point i was like i just wanna be saying from tears i won't be a professional pitcher of baseball but i can't be a bartender and i think that in an alternate universe i would probably be much happier if i was just behind an irish pub in the south end of boston or something this is a very good lesson because i should have been more specific in my question i meant.

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