Pete, Dustin, Donald Trump discussed on The Tim McKernan Show


Interesting. it was not aware of that. We're trying to get him on Jill. Stein came on the show. Dr Juliane. I really liked the email i. think if you all want to see Biden win you probably like the email as well. to hear somebody lay it out and data driven premise and I guess I guess I wouldn't say I guess I know that my reasoning for thinking the way I think is that I think there is a large portion and yes, I would say as much as eleven to fifteen percent I really would of people who had never publicly say they're voting for. Donald Trump I really think that is a real thing again, not insisting that it is I just I am. So I'm so you know I think part of it and I say this to the audience saying right now addressing dustin and his email. Is What led into are starting to read the politics emails. Is. That just nothing matters you don't I mean it just doesn't and I don't nothing matters. I guess, has kind of become like this. I guess it's become a liberal battle cry I think I don't know but I'm not using it as a battle cry so much as just like what Pete said. It like you have. You have you have him saying the how deadly this is how he knows it. and how how he was told that is it is going to be worse than the Spanish flu. Of Nineteen eighteen. And and then you have what he did and said for the next seven weeks and then like ten days later they're talking again and he's talking about what's worse and then In I think it was march nineteenth. If I'm not mistaken talking about on now it's a problem because it's affecting young people. and I just I you know and there was a discussion pete last night. On. On the fan page and I and I don't participate in it, but I did read this. And I thought it was I thought it was interesting that the one we tagged then I don't know I tagged it immediately remove my tags I. It's like an automatic. I won't read it if Baghdad bagged and. Tagged I saw split on. What would what was that about? I don't even remember.

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