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They do go on a date in the woods where yeah so this is where this is where she finds out one that he's a super fast run guy yes run so fast yes but all gives her motion sickness but also they're in a clearing in the sunlight and the sunlight shines on a sparkles like gac with glitter edward in the sunlight was shocking i couldn't get used to it though i didn't staring at him all afternoon his skin white despite the faint flush from yesterday's hunting trip literally sparkled like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface he's also wearing a sleeveless unbuttoned white shirt in the scene and it's blowing my mind so he is going like labor day like come on he's going full super sane in front of her and then she wants to kiss him and and he's like again their whole relationship is him saying that he is a murderous monster and that he can't control himself around her but he can't resist her and she's like oh i love you too and and she goes to kiss him and he like like leaps away from her and guess all agro and is like a mega predator you can't resist me and he rips a branch off a tree and throws it at another tree and is like i'm so dangerous i can't believe with me and then he calms down he's like what were you doing let's get back i'm so dangerous but let's kind of tentatively about submerging yeah and then he like freaks out with his super speed and he goes oh you're so pale years why is it ghost to which i need to know like these idioms not feel weird to anyone when vampires are in the picture like they know ghosts and our sexy also like what is the deal so i wanted to like we we brush past the sparkle thing and i think if somebody's going to get to refer to twilight in a derogatory way they're going to be like oh sparkle vampires can i say though actually i kind of like yes the way that the sparkling worked in vampire conventions yes so the way vampires are understood in fiction in this world is your basic like bram stoker or your dracula or two.

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