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That's we didn't want to ultimately goes to boston under doc rivers and what do they do they wanna championship and they go to two finals in three years this is what happened so we gotta pay attention to that and understand this then tony stubbornness malian get getting away because it is belief we go do it this way no worry about hacking fallon senate somebody to the free throw line we don't want to let him score it it's about pacing and if you let him school it continues to pace that we want to employ that's dantonio he didn't phoenix he did it in new york he didn't in la he's done it in houston laser gentlemen that would work against most teams that ain't gonna work gets to go to state warriors trust me on this please trust me that was straight talk wireless and they walk in america's largest most dependable four g lt network swat away in a world of sports athletes always evolving their game to get better that's why find it ridiculous when athletes and act the folks still drinking out date it's strings come on people it's twenty eighteen it's time to switch to body almost street with natural flavors and sweden has no colors from official sources than potassium packed electrolytes can provide superior hydration for today's athletes james harden might trout and even dustin johnson switch to body sports drink today you can thank me later craving even more of stephen hammo all people for around the clock access to the man how you can follow him on twitter and instagram at stephen a smith and facebook at stephen espn radio's presented by progressive insurance with insurance for cars home boats motorcycles arby's commercial vehicles at one eight hundred progressive in progressive dot com stephen smith show is being brought to you by vivid seats the official ticket partner of espn just download the free vivid seats app today to get your tickets you know throughout that question while my instagram page does lebron james even want this anymore okay got a lot of responses let me just read some of them to you just sully twenty two he writes on my instagram account how can you question dude it's been in the league fifteen years if he wants it of course the man does anyone who's play competitive sports knows that is the thing you're chasing winning.

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