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Sarah Hobbs. You sing like an angel. You're one of roots about flattered you enough today. I don't know what I've said on air and off I really like my heart is bursting. He just burst. I'll take it. You're not paying her for a singing on your song No it's a Labor of love really is Sarah will do anything for a chicken fried steak very much true soul sister. We're GONNA dinner tonight. We're going to. I don't know what Tom but we're GONNA have a good dinner somewhere. Can you do that? Can you all foods? So yes all right all food. Okay it's GonNa be it's GONNA BE A PARTY. We're going to record this thing in the studio. Manley come sing with us. I can't wait to hear it now. I'm average at best as a singer. Singer Nubia Interpretive Dancing. I just heard her sing and I and I'm sure everybody out there knows. She looks like Martina McBride. She has an amazing voice as well. I thought about that. But you are ABC's Ryan Martina. Mcbride I am. I met her. I thought I was meeting her sister. Something Reggina's never looked that good. She Looks Martina. And no offense Sir but never thought about that and I guess because you don't see Joe Definitely do man. She's probably one of my favorite all time singer. So she thinks she's gorgeous. Yeah Pendants Day. S are broken wings. Could Okay I love it man. I go homes. I decided that I liked just listening to the podcast so I don't have to see myself I've seen you look like crap really no. I really have crap today. You'll good job. I can see the comments. Balk at mix your head look small farmer. Cap. That's what somebody to you man. Kudos for Uber. Just being up and I'm guessing they did it on social media right because they're not going to say that to your face. Nobody's ever going to say it to your face. You are everybody. Somebody said to me They want you know. I always get the Irish prayer. Would run for president. Okay okay okay. I don't know why it is every time somebody does something good or says something. Good the immediate responses they there for President Brown for President Glee Club from sixteen year. Old Kid says something. I'll be president. That's okay I don't get that I get the compliment that they're going for like you want me to be leader of the free world the skeletons that would come out of the cold. It was funny because the other day somebody said that they said we want you to be president and they always say twenty twenty. And I'm like Nah I think trump's got it under control. I don't need to jump into that sway especially since it. S Twenty Twenty And I wasn't on the ballot ballot so I look at stuff like that and somebody commented and they said let him get a little bit older. He's not old enough. I'm forty seven thirty five right right. That's another requirement so I know to record both. Yeah Yeah I'm in my prime man. You saw another story from from when went down to visit my daughter at her college campus. And so I told you guys yesterday that we had to buy a new car because the one she's been driving just driven the wheels off of it so I'm out in the parking lot and At the on campus and she and I are looking at her car and I've got my head stuck in there. She's inside of it right. One of her friends comes walking up and she's like. Hey and we were like. Hey Ed she goes. Is Everything okay over here and you know my daughter I look. There's some other girls who are standing back over there and they're watching and my daughter's like this my and she's like okay. Okay let me just like a certain sigh of relief. Like oh because she was ready to cut me a dirty old man of good friend she was ready to go and I was like young. Lady thank you. I will pay your tuition. I appreciate you thank you for doing that seriously but I took two really good takeaways from that experience one. She did that. She checked on my daughter and I appreciate that that the girls did that right second. I wasn't immediately thought of as dad that I appreciate graduations relations. It's forty seven. I'm not that Guy I am. I mean a kid at the toilet did basically put me you. He had you at Luby's eating early dinner to get home Kirti. Am LARRY WE'RE GONNA? We're GONNA find party valid. We'RE GONNA kick allegations. There's nothing wrong with the early bird special. Y'All so we're not gonNA yesterday went somewhere early dinner and I. I felt like restaurant which is empty. It was just me and people Steve Helms age fantastic. Let me tell you. Champion hot wheels speaking of rednecks. We weren't but now we are hot. Wheels has launched a new cyber truck. Toy Tesla's coming out with the cyber truck and they got one with an optional cracked window. You remember when Elon. Musk bulletproof Eddie. Through that metal ball and and it just just busted a hole in the glass so you can get you can get this new hot where somebody came to our show the other day where were we and gave us a hot wheel. I have that in our stuff of stuff. People bringing stuff to live shows. It's it's at the house so I haven't I thought well that's a new one. You had the One lady that brought. She wanted to bring the pair of depends for me to sign and I said let me just sign. Once you're wearing said would you decide Dr One's it's true story? Just Georgia Florida. Natalie lived happily ever after quick. So there's a new pairing out a girl scout cookies and wine You can figure out like so. Shortbread the shortbread cookies the gingerbread. I mean girls out cookies. Yesterday I was doing the other podcasts. And they had girl scout cookies lined up in a hurry and they were selling girl scout cookies and we loaded up more we have. We always get the request of people saying can we come to your show and set up a thing and sell girl scout cookie. We can't do that well. Yes that's on the venue you you'd have to get permission. We can't we can't have that kind of liability. We don't do that kind of thing. Mazing to me the power that people think we have so chardonnay is what goes with that thin mints. What would you think that would be a cab dark cab dark Canada so Malbak Mullebeck? It's still red. Lights are a either a bubbly brew. Brute rose or it's blend of Pinot noir the coconut. There's nothing better than thin mints in the Freezer for about a month and implemented. You HAVE HEARD. I've heard Jesus enjoys them dose peanut Butter Sandwich Yeah Pinot Noir Greater Tino. That goes with a milk. Stout tag logs. Now they say tag alongs. This typed up here. They're not they're tag logs. Really Call Them Party short. Yes that's not the one with Google it. I'M GONNA GIGGLE IT. Peanut Butter They're going to go with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Which is my favorite wine. Toffee tastic is going to go with a brute cuvee. Bubbly that's fantastic. Here's the best news of ever heard my life. French fries could soon be a health food. Thanks to a break through your house. If it wasn't for potatoes I would be fit in just healthy looking and look good. You Think Good God potato here folks. That's a potato when I when I walk past when I walk past a mirror and it looks like my face is giving birth to another face because of my double Chin that is one hundred percent potato us. First thing you eat at fast food bag. Man French fries. What are they tag? Alongs tag alongs. I'll stand corrected fun fact too though. That's not his pants. It's actually a potato and potato is like your favorite. Mcdonald's Yeah McDonalds is good but let me tell you if you're in the South Zach's B.'s. Nominal fees is good Worst French fry worse French fry has got to be. I don't like raising cane's French fries and I don't like a steak shakes and I don't like water burgers. I like sweet potato for us. What's that company out of California? They're worth fries terrible for us. They're like little Dixie Burgers burgers okay. I'm not fresh. I like that. I'm not a fan of Water Burger. Look hold I don't hold it against me. I understand you. Texans are all this stuff up. Dowell I just not a fan of it. There's some things that water burger like. But I'll eat it. I liked dip in my French fries and a chocolate shake. Yeah wind six son of Yeah. I'll tell you I- Zach B.'s at and raising cane's as well that sauce that they have seen when I was at the University of Georgia. That's where it started was Athens Georgia and there was a place called There And each eat it. Just you won't talk about putting on your freshman fifteen. I put on a freshman thirty do- eating that stuff and then it became. They split up and then it became Zach's started became a huge thing. They had that sauce. The same you know with that sauce. You can shine pennies with it and I'm like well this Shani's guts back. Yeah good. I'll eat any fast food as long as it's not. Arby's my wife. Yeah Yeah I don't like anything that looks like a roast beef sandwich not not Pala cheese gross looking to me anything that looks like a roast beef sandwiches just nasty to me. I'm so freaking hungry right now. Nobody's catching what I'm saying. But yeah free fries. Apparently they're going to start putting them olive oil. Yeah and pray third. So that's what they're doing they're gonNA FRY and olive oil. Yeah so their best this company. The Fraser made their oil is exactly as one might expect from a normal bath of hot oil crispy and Yummy tell their supposedly taste It's a soybean it's made from. Jean Edited Soybean Plant. And then they do it in the improved oil so accordingly is something Mediterranean Diet. Not really a potato. It's not a French fry. It's a sweeping FRY. You know what I saw the other day in. The walmarts is They've got those cauliflower mashed potatoes. Which you just as a lot My wife eats those a lot. Really try it. We make our own OUTTA CAULIFLOWER. Make MASHED POTATOES. You cannot tell the difference. Can't folks that's news you can use. Hey hang tight. I got a story I want to get to that. You'RE GONNA freak you out stay tuned. We'll be back in just a second..

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