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Kyw news time eight o five pennsylvania republicans are waging the next round of battles in the congressional redistricting saga they have asked the us supreme court for an emergency stay while they plan another challenge in federal court here's kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert lord tavistock an attorney representing several republican candidates and volunteers why he believes the us supreme court should put a hold on the implementation of new congressional maps in pennsylvania that supreme court did not give appropriate time for the legislature to fulfill it you a constitutional duty davis says the state legislature was not given enough time to draw impasse a new map onto the timeframe laid out by the state supreme court andy he says the implementation of the new map was such a tight timelines is due process and equal protection issue that's not fair to any voter in pennsylvania all voters have been put into this situation of chaos and confusion he compares the thailand referees in the super bowl changing the rules of the game in the fourth quarter leaving coaches and players scrambling to try to determine how now to play the game at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio kyw news time eight o sex out raged teams chanting outside florida's capital building demanding that lawmakers in the predominantly republican controlled state do something to prevent school shootings president trump invited families of shooting victims to the white house to listen to their concerns confident that you do the right thing julia court overs the student body president at stone the douglas she attended the session with other students and their parents child no person in this world ever have to go something through so horrific in tragic president trump promised progress the ideas that i any ideas and on the people that and will be big out the strong whose mr hughes working we're gonna get him done bill rakoff cbs news the white house what are the president's ideas as to arm and train teachers to protect students kyw news time eight oh seven the search is on this morning for the shooter who opened fire on a van on broad street in the fern rock section of the city killing the.

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