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Going down to sixty we want says i think he garlanding use of yogurt of this in the news at this hour gardez are continuing to investigate the crime and the assailant has now died from his injuries president trump after this morning shooting at a baseball practice field with left four people shot all members of the gop congressional delegation house majority whip steve scalise would get a hip the shooter identified as james hodgkinson of belleville illinois later died of his wounds after an exchange of gunfire with capital police who were guarding scalise wall street the dow is up seventeen points the nasdaq is up a third of appoint sworn his by septa cars though about refrained run to beat the cross is not toward more than i spoke with the lead on conflict safety here's met leo the eagles took care of some business off the field before getting back to work at minicamp we get more from kyw u's ed bankin in south philadelphia before the eagle's got back to work with camp the team announced a contract extension for tackle jason peters coach doug peterson is excited to have peter's what the team through two thousand nineteen he's going to be a teenager for the next several years in his desire in mind as well as that he retires an eagle in la works out a dad woman adam side for the next few years peterson said however the likes of peter's elaine johnson at the book ends on the votes of line will make for a more secure carson wentz in the pocket with the goals i'm ed benkin kyw.

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