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The european gross story as well that men can give me some give me some complexion i mean you're profitabilty in europe is also quite quite outstanding and this quarter give me a sense of european recovery story for you two secondquarter global market continued performed very strongly with good revenue progression komen cure equity coming to a global credit income len goodman critical banking we can continue court that are are large national trading corporate from the situation we welcome on huddled for the current quarter moving forward with grow in the mortgage business within the united kingdom but more broadly across we're seeing each port made good continuing to develop knightley hey i i wouldn't call it a raging recovery coin but it's kroger i'm curt both britain while in one thing which is raising it is the news belt on geopolitics we wake up this morning moe concerns in north korea more concerns in regards to usrussian relations in when you travel around the world and you talk to the financial elite what are they talk abide the consideration in times of geopolitics are they concerned about trump does that top them for making decisions in the us side look i think you're going to making markor for any good really anywhere in the world at this point are very mart crying provide but maybe a bit higher market opportunity for around the world providing the support that they need but there's absolutely no day at the height of the pay that you earn whether the european and garmin certainly important degree by brexit and carter appealed for making it up a little i think we've seen good progress really across the growth of our markets adequately america european environment literally asian number but i think how are we adopt to supporter customer had an ongoing basis and mci the chief financial officer at hsbc okay let's go to the latest in global news this morning his sanjika good morning good morning caroline japanese prime minister shinzo all bay says the us central pann of agreed to take further action falling knows can we as latest intercontinental ballistic missile test are they spoke to us president trump this morning the us into parent as well as the international community have been closely coordinated and build our effort in order to resolve the north korea issue peacefully but north korea has been dismissing these efforts unilaterally escalated this jewish me international community including china russia need to gravely accept such concrete facts.

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