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Rutgers University record is undefeated at home they're a perfect sixteen and and within the big time they're currently tied for third with a few other schools including Michigan state which effect as the preseason number one so but a bit of a weird season for college basketball but records is certainly you know proving to be on the good side of that where I pay when Higgins of the Wall Street journal the rise of Rutgers basketball with politics people to judge is offering a highly unusual proposition is revolutionary messenger trying to deliver a safe package prospects for Mister bush to judge the former mayor of south bend Indiana or hard to gauge they'll because the profile he presents is so different Jerry side executive Washington editor at the Wall Street journal says whether voters find it intriguing or a bridge too far is the question he now has laid on the table Jerry your take well he's kind of two different things at the same time one is kind of a revolutionary figure in the sense that he's the first openly gay candidate to ever be a serious presidential candidate would be is only thirty eight years old which makes him young enough to be not just on the grand son of Joe Biden Bernie Sanders to the pope he's running against any trying to make a leap from mayor of a medium medium sized American city south bend Indiana to president which has never really been done before so he's kind of a revolutionary figure at least a counter revolutionary profile but at the same time he's kind of all also offering himself as kind of a safe middle of the road fairly moderate candidate leased by today's democratic standard you know he does propose to spend nearly as much money as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders he isn't and eager to basically turn the healthcare system over to the government as some of the more progressive candidates are he has kind of service a modest approach to raising teacher salaries which makes him different from some other people he doesn't talk about taking away assault weapons but having involuntary bye bye bye back on all those ways he's he's kind of in the middle of the current democratic pack so and he's trying to be appeal appeal the progressives as kind of a young totally new kind of candidate while appeal to moderates and older voters by being essentially a middle of the road guy in terms of policy you know when we think of Bernie Sanders Medicare for all comes to mind when it's Joe Biden it's got the experience with people to judge what is it I'm a war what issues does he want us to believe he champions well I think he basically first of all is the is the the the champion of generational change that is time to have a new look at all these issues not just one or two of them in particular I think he wants to be seen as the guy who has practical plans you know that his his healthcare plan is a Medicare for all as an option that is a requirement and it's a way to say we're going to have a progressive move forward but not a revolution and that is that basically his calling card in the same thing is true on a whole lot of issues including for example was too low to forget some of them but not all of them and his big public to college free for some students for eighty percent of Americans but not for all of them so you take a list of issues on which other candidates have tried to plant their flag and you see the judge having a a position in the because somewhere down the path but nothing is not as far down the path and I think what he is saying is two things a posing practical plans that can actually get done and be my and this is I think is real calling card I am a candidate who's here to unite people not to fight and and divide people further and that's a the president trump but also a comparison to people like Bernie Sanders and was before you think he's gotten a pass from his rival candidates so far in terms so well okay his record among the African American community in south bend you know I'd say he'd gotten sort of a pass in the last couple weeks you get hammered pretty well now and this is now inevitable you become a strong contender and particularly if you're a contender who is basically taking votes away from both the progressive candidates and the moderate candidates and that's what happened in Iowa you're gonna get hammered from both sides and he is now getting hammered from both sides and I think one of the tests in their Hampshire primary and then at about at South Carolina wants to come is whether he can sustain those attacks because the fairly new speak with Gerry side executive Washington editor at the Wall Street journal this piece is called people to judge stakes out a unique space in the democratic field yeah I was reading a reaction to your column some of the comments and somebody pointed out that they like people to judge because he doesn't rants or yeah or things like that is that is that what is that widespread that that type of appeal right you know I think he hopes it is I mean it's a very definitely what he is trying to do here is present a different kind of candidacy both in terms of substance in profile but also in terms of telling them is you know that was a word that you hear most Elizabeth Warren and and for Bernie Sanders and I think increasingly from Joe Biden is fight they want to fight and you know Donald Trump makes everybody want to fight the judges basically saying I am here to smooth the waters is very Bob alike in that way you know I don't I think we should all calm down and figure out ways to have this debate without yelling at each other so much Mister Jerry side executive Washington editor at the Wall Street journal it's thirteen minutes.

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