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Real time natalie. You say mary say one. She can't but everybody else put into old on nelly. Turn your phone up the godfather sola tracy. Return your phone now. A second everybody world on owed on the loan. Get out right now. We wanted next door killing out here. Man it's wrong. Stop none of that. No corona deal that when we were stuck in the house when everybody back outside. That's what everybody started getting killed again and was going on. Is that much anger in you. If you to hurt somebody else like this and and kill people fellows will be doing. Yeah it's crazy like you have so much internal pain in yourself that you want to. Because that's all it is you controlling and you're angry and you project that onto somebody else on tuesday and he has a history of this. He was when he was nineteen. He pleaded guilty to thirty degree. Motor maryland to a role in the shooting. Death of another twenty five year one. So this is nothing new to him. So this is has a lot to do with the state of pennsylvania. Is he out. Ailing did a year now third degree murder. And that's all they mess another thing. Sorta state of preservation. You are responsible for this as well. Like i always see me like like. Kill yourself if you that upset in your angry with the world and then what happens. Is the baby muscle or women like escalate. The whole your pain. You want to eliminate the woman in the mother like is is horrific for me that you can't sit there and take one moment because you want to control the world that you want that you think you could just take somebody's life like that you then you need to. You need the death penalty. I you know how. I feel about this on the turn to get to the next. I am pro. Death penalty. Already know that i'm i'm wondering mid evil guys. I'm one of those. Let's get the whole sledgehammer and chop your head off. I'm that guy and our condolences. Go out to this fan. I didn't even know that part of the story just started breaking into that. The god killed the mother and the end. The baby mother and her mother was the next is jesus. Christ you could the fellows. I'm about the dumb it down barbagallo dumb down games crazy. I'm a dummy. Doubts futterman data like this. That controlling jealous whole all his m b. is all this behavior. I'm a dummy donna. And i say this respectable enough jennifer. You can actually purchase. John is more than enough. There's five bye-bye fizzle oval supply right of women out outweight in america. So yeah it's way more than oh my friend you got this. Just leave philadelphia. You just gotta go outside circle baby. That's cool quarter. Got a bright bull. Nuba giant jonah wiping. No i'm saying. Do you want to kill up a giant dumbing down of disciplines blazers. They'd be specked with follows. If you can't handle this feeling jump into china and you'll be fine you go out and kill people. What do you do it. You can take a moment and walk in the park. I'm not saying that's not going to happen. That's not that'd be unrealistic purchase. Some wolf regina do something else. Bank listened to our condolences again. Definitely go out to the to the family. Barbie would've will Well more grading were. A mother is suspected of killing her. Three young children involved in a custody dispute report says had these people are crazy and this woman who is suspected of killing her three children in southern california apartment and then leading police in the long distance chase To central california on saturday was embroiled in a custody dispute over them. According to the law endless times police have identified their mother. Lilian carello Thirty as a suspect in the cost of have you ever been in the custody dispute. I just. I've never been in a custody dispute. I've been around custody disputes. I never been bald one. This is serious out here. Can't the babies live. Get the baby. Make more babies get said what the hell is going on here. People are crazy is hail short literally crazy men. What is what would you because you have a possibility of losing your children. The cuss custody of your children. You just have to take their lives. You are a horrible person. You deserve any and everything the law throws at you. I know you're not you're pro. Uk's deputy back. I'm proud definitely debate. Well let's go. I used. I used to be when my niece was murdered. I was against it in my anger build up and it was like well. Then bobby my condolences your family. And i'm sorry that that happened. I've been a pro death penalty. Okay and and i want everybody to jump on that train. We forget about it because when you take in three a custody battle because he did he kill himself. Go with the store. No this was the. There's this story was the wife. The mom is suspected of killing her kids out. Not not yet. Jose was sorta mothers out here in the world is like the fifth or sixth story. I read and like the last week of a mother killing her kids or harm her child. Bobby i think kobe going crazy. People can't stand to have these sunday sound because these people going crazy everyday dog in america is safe right..

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