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Next up. We're going to have an Esa I think joining and give us an update on what she's doing with their life, and that's how are you there. Yes, I am. How are you? Hi, I'm good. What are you? What are you doing right now? Actually it was taking my eyebrows and the new Amir. I understand you were hosting some radio show all week too. Right? Oh yes. Part of the virgin family something actually all week, rigging radio, Montreal, and hosting the morning segment. So I've been up in four o'clock. Eastern time. So it's it's a long day for me, four o'clock in the afternoon. That's not that early now, four o'clock in the morning. Oh, okay. That makes sense. I wonder, did they did they listen to you on this podcast and realized how exceptional the host you are and ask you to come in. Who the virgin radio people in Montreal. Yeah. No, I don't think they had to do with that. I think I mean with them before in the past and they, they know that part of the virgin a part of the iheart Canley. So they're like, oh, why don't you come in. Tune in and listen to it? Well, so Phyllis it on your life a little bit. We wanna hear what's going on. Vanessa, gremaldi. Well, you know, there's one relationship that I'm putting a lot of effort into my Instagram story. I can look at it right now. Will you fill me at? Sounds like before you say anything, I'm sure it's going to be with like a kid or a dog or a plant or something like that. Elephant Miami all weekend. I was actually away. So this is funny. So you watch big brother? I do not. Okay. So anyway. So Jessica graph and Cody. I think there were like two or whatever from big brother day met on big brother. They were on the amazing race together..

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