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Poke bear episode 80. The daniella Dar episode, the only number 80 in bruins, history. I am Evan marano ski, alongside Connor Ryan, who was on location. Connor informed the people where are you broadcasting from today? Evan, once again, I am from I am broadcasting from a place that again, I usually love to be at Dunkin Donuts, but again, circumstances are less than ideal. Yeah, it's always fun when we talk about this like hyped it up like it's like live from the comedy solids like Connor Ryan live from the frigging Dunkin Donuts fracking on mob or Massachusetts. But that's where I am. The water heater in our apartment exploded and flooded everything. So we are improvising today, and I had my coffee. I had my wake up wrap, so I'm ready to go now. Trudging ahead with less than ideal circumstances. How are you, Evan? I'm doing better, I would say. But at the same time, you had a coffee and wake up wraps and it seems like this was the worst of it, right? You're on the way back up now, it feels like. I would certainly hope so Evan. I would certainly hope so. The dunks see, you gotta get a dunk sponsorship at some point. They got a sponsor you. One of these days, your broadcasting from your doing remote shows like you know how like a lot of radio shows will go and do shows like it like hurricane O'Reilly's and all these different places. You're a dunks. We should do a cope. We should do a podcast at dunks, like inside of the dunks. Next to the old dudes sitting around at 5 in the morning, having their black coffee or just like in amongst the people. I think we got to do this at some point. I mean, why else do you think I pivoted to TikTok Evan? Is it trying to get that sweet, sweet dunking into us or money? Hasn't happened yet, but we'll see what happens. Yes. But anyways, speaking of teams or places that are out of place that are doing things from different locations, this is not bruins related, but it's kind of funny. We can poke fun at it. The coyotes came out on Thursday, saying it was reported that they could be playing at Arizona state for the next three to four years, which is amazing. I think that is incredible. Arizona state is opening up a new wall purpose arena for I believe gymnastics, wrestling, hockey, basketball. I would imagine or if they have their own thing for that already, but I have a lot of that, but I think they I think they absolutely do..

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