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Life got during his false. Every day drills. There's Austin hour shifts. Yes anyway presidential a little while you're so right. Healthcare workers are being overworked. There's no doubt about it They're doing heroic amazing work every day And they do deserve a break as best we can give them They're so dedicated their dedicated in non crisis times. I must say and now they're working. You know even harder So you know. We expanded the eligibility to work in the healthcare field to people who had recently retired who we can give them back their licenses. nearly immediately and those who may have left the profession for some other profession. We need them back. We're encouraging them to come back. And we've seen hundreds already talking to us about coming back filling out forms and so on And so in that way we're trying to fill up the need for more healthcare workers so we can alleviate some of the work on the front lines we're also at the edges at the borders of the state were allowing people who may work as health care workers in other states but may live in Illinois or they may live in on the other side of the border And maybe willing to work in Illinois we WANNA make sure they get licensed in Illinois Nsa. Reciprocity for those folks We want to be able to move healthcare workers to where they're most needed so we're doing our best to try to alleviate the congestion. Let's say that that is weighing upon the healthcare industry. The healthcare workforce today. And we'll keep looking for ways to do that. Oh Yeah I'm sorry. The National Guard you did ask about the National Guard. They have many medical professionals that they're bringing to bear here Right now we've got many of them focused on these drive through testing centers but they are so versatile they're really tremendous. Maybe general would like to speak to the tremendous individuals working in healthcare at the National Guard and well and that's a great question you know. It's a balancing act For us so in the National Guards called up. We're actually coming out of the communities so some of the doctors some of the physicians that we've called four to support the drive through Or actually coming out with some the hospital. Some of them are coming out of medical school in some different areas like that. So it's a balancing act for US. We're working very closely with these employers had great discussions with With many of them this morning as they were standing up and operating and making sure that their employers were able to support we. We can't do our job as the National Guard without employer support and we understand that some of these Vital Medical folks are being pulled out of some hospitals and that so we're trying to balance that and make sure that we're not pulling too many and that we're able to to put that the right balance and what we have usually you know when we start looking at Things like hurricanes and that these these strike portion of the country and sometimes we can go on pull from another state poll capability. This is a this is like a hurricane. Hit all fifty states at once and so now We're really you know working on what we have within our our borders the Illinois National Guard and that capability. So we're working hard to make sure we're balancing and we're providing that support where we can bring unique capabilities To support those front line first responders..

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