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Dance. There's just too much dance for movement not to be at the crux of what's going on. Movement in film is created by three key. Things physical movement so gene kelly dancing the camera movement also the editing process creates a sense of movement stanley donen and gene kelly or the first or the capture the sense of movement in dance in the film making process itself. You're like me. Can you love watching hollywood dance sequences u._2. Than bio means stopped doing the dishes minimize your excel worksheet or pull the car over to the side of the road pull up byu tube and pull up some of these dance sequences and see what i'm talking about whether in macomb the make him laugh number moses supposes you were meant for me you good morning or the title number itself. Sanley dawn in gene kelly are the first to mirror the sense of dynamism in the dance in their filmmaking. Eh in make them laugh. We see the production design or the set in this case cannot contain donald o'connor's energetic dancing. He literally breaks through through the set at the end a little bit of foreshadowing of how we are going to how the filmmakers are breaking apart what filmmaking had been up until that point the most suppose number. The camera is so tight on donald o'connor and gene kelly weather dancing that it's really their momentum that pushes the camera to keep up with them and at times it can't even keep up with them and that makes it even more exciting. The camera work in you were meant for me. It's graceful gene kelly and debbie reynolds movements it cranes and loops above them as they glide around the empty stage floor. Then of course there's the singing in the rain number the camera so closely mirrors kelly's choreography it must have taken as much work to choreograph are you graph as the dance itself pushes into catch every smile it moves tightly but when he's tapping it bounces up and down when he skips between the street and the curb and then it loops playfully as he starts spinning in the street. The scene is as powerful moment of joy and happiness as it is because because the joy is infused as much into the film making tools as it is the singing and the densely lastly. I do wanna wanna touch on the broadway melody number at the end. That's that fifteen twenty minutes sequence where gene kelly dances in an entirely highly different world and we call these gene kelly ballet dream sequences and all of his movies have them and it primarily comes down to one some beautiful for artistry but gene kelly to show off and this was his opportunity to showcase his ballet dancing unquestionably. Probably the scene is beautiful. Colors costuming set design and of course the dancing itself are visually stunning to behold but perhaps the most divisive thing. I'll say during this episode is while the sequence is great on its own to me it breaks up the pacing of a wonderfully paced movie kelly loved to show off in his ballet sequences but because of that they tend to drag on for a while not to say aren't gorgeous but at the same time they are disconnected from the plot in a way that to me is a little jarring in this case. It's a little too disconnected from the plot. I think in in some of his earlier movies like the pirate or an american in paris you see these ballet sequences connected more meaningfully to the plot itself elf. This is a little bit of a stretch. I think stanley dawn and might have agreed because the first thing that said after the sequence is the studio boss saying he doesn't quite quite get it after gene. Kelly's character is done describing it. I'd love to hear what you think but i think it feels out of place and out of pace with the rest of the movie certainly beautiful though despite being the classic it is singing in the rain was only nominated for two academy awards best score and best supporting actress for jean hagen. They lost in both categories too bad but don't let that tell you that this movie isn't an all time classic back the way it plays with audience expectations the way it pokes fun at the musical hollywood's past but at the same time pushing it forward and then taking the musical genre to new emotional highs with its filmmaking processes. This movie is a wonderful balance that reinforces movie magic while at the same time bringing the audience in on the joke now. Let's move on to some buzz from the back lot. This is our trivia segment are fun. Facts segment are impress. Your date segment are annoy your friends because they think you're a know it all segment singing in the rain certainly doesn't lack for interesting and intriguing buzz first off since it ties in so directly with the plot as we know don in lena pretend to like not each other to promote their films but in actuality don dislikes lena greatly and lena gives as good as she gets despite wanting to marry done well. This is mirrored in real life a bit too closely. Despite their great chemistry debbie reynolds and gene kelly really didn't get along well during the filming of singing in the rain primarily came down to gene kelly being quite the dancing taskmaster pushing debbie reynolds to the point of tears in rehearsals sad i know then there's the real hypocrisy behind singing in the reign as much as it makes fun of sinking and the deceptions hollywood is capable of debbie reynolds singing was actually dubbed for a few of the songs in the film by an actress named betty noise even more ironically debbie reynolds was dubbed for the songs where she's dubbing lina lamont the would you number and as if that weren't enough there's a moment on screen where den when debbie reynolds character is dubbing for lina lamont but in reality they got jean hagen who played lead them to dub debbie reynolds so that's right. There's a moment when jean hagen is dubbing. Debbie reynolds who within the story is dubbing her see if you can spot it next x time you watch so for all of singing in the rain ability to poke fun at the hypocrisy of hollywood. The film is just as guilty as its subject speaking of light deceptions nations. The macomb laugh number classic on its own is actually a rewrite of the song be a clown from a different gene kelly movie. The pirate in nineteen forty eight feel free to look up via clown from the pirate on youtube and watch gene kelly and judy garland seeing the exact same tune but with different modified lyrics. That's the beauty of the hollywood studio radio system. Everything can get reused in fact most of the songs and singing in the rain. Were not written for the movie itself arthur freed the producer of singing in the rain nine had written most of the lyrics for these songs for various other projects earlier in his career singing in the rain and you were meant for me. Were written in nineteen twenty nine. Good morning was written in nineteen thirty nine for a different musical babes in arms in fact moses supposes was one of the only original songs written for singing in the rain for the macomb laugh number gene kelly asked donald o'connor to revive trick he had done as a young dancer which was running up the wall and doing a flip. The number was so physically taxing that o'connor smoked four packs of cigarettes a day at the time ended up in the hospital and even worse there was an accident that ruined all of the initial footage so after a brief rest o'connor ever the professional agreed to do the difficult number number all over again a few buzzword the notes on the singing in the rain sequence itself gene kelly was terribly sick when filming the scene apparently apparently had a fever of over one hundred and three degrees not that you'd ever know what a pro also in the world of hollywood magic they mixed milk with the water they a pumped in for the rain so that it would show up better on film so whether you're watching singing in the rain with your significant other your friends just your dog. Hopefully you have a fun fact that you can share now just like i mentioned.

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