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For listening you guys good morning I'm Steve Patterson from the Twin Cities live end the done it's the show on my talk one of seven when I came in late what were you saying nothing nothing at all I'm just gonna do this want to delete this week yet quit being weird time for it shop all you buddy you know we all want to organize right this is this is really meant to to help you if you feel like you wish you could organize things but sometimes it seems a little daunting and you think I don't know if the Emery condo style would work for me or not because we all have a different version of what a well organized space Anne de cluttered space would look like that's accurate you know I'm saying yeah so I found this there's a clutter bug clutter bug quiz but you can take okay Herman what sort of clutter bug you are another couple different ways we can do this we have a little time we could run through the quiz okay a little lengthy but we could just do it for Donna you can answer these questions okay and then we could figure out what sort of clutter bug you are and I can do what kind I and you want to try that let's do it very quickly a well it's and it can only be so quick okay so don't the when you say that then I get scared and nervous let's do it okay hang on our don't worry he means well yeah guys really trying all goodness gracious for the log jam by Ryan gads are thirty took this this morning all right thank you are you ready yes us play got Scott Donna you enjoy reading magazines or blogs with lots of pictures fiction novels how to ideas and instructions or educational non fiction books fiction fiction great next question they're willing to sub so you guys can go and take this later and maybe I'm speaking for a lot of people out there you may be you are thanks you find it hard to get rid of which things just a few sentimental items almost everything supplies are tools that you might use in the future or things that cost you a lot of money there are things that cost me a lot of money okay that's hard for you to get rid of yes your home usually looks really clean but behind closed doors it can be a mess tidy with neat piles that you need to put away a bit cluttered with everyday used items or very cluttered with random things every but tidy was neat clutter okay yeah I tell you with neat piles in Hiawassee okay your ideal craft room I don't think of you as a crafter Donna how dare you but you know me like your ideal craft room would have what bright and colorful with everything on display would everything be very organized in separate containers behind closed doors that's key minimal visual clutter except for the items that you find pretty inspiring or with tools and supplies very organized and easy to see an access the minimally one minimal visual clutter except the items that you find pretty inspiring are you were about half way through guys just hang in there and all right hang in there everybody we're talking about how to figure out what kind of organizer or de clutter you are and of course a link this up on the shellings page indeed we what my talk when a seven one dot com go when it comes to your home's appearance you prefer bright fun with visual abundance minimal visual clutter and functional visual functional and organized my god for pretty inviting and minimal clutter right fun visual abundance minimal visual clutter and functional barber saying to go with number two number two now we're blending two people and one there's she's been in my home that's okay that's good yeah she could speak to it.

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