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President trump tweeting he deserves to meet the so called whistle blower I'm J. Metzler fox news silent for much of the day today the president sending out tweets storm a short time ago saying he not only wants to meet his accuser who were presented in his words second and third hand information but the person who illegally gave that information to the whistle blower the president asking whether this person was spying on the US presidents buying in all caps big consequences the president claims president trump also once house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff question for fraud and treason on fox news Sunday an angry White House adviser Steven Miller saying the whistle blower is part of the so called deep state this individual is a seventy four trying to undermine a democratically elected government in his view the president of the United States as the whistle blower congressman Adam Schiff says the whistle blower who filed a complaint with the intelligence agencies inspector general could testify before his committee as early as this week lawyers want to make sure their client's identity is protected. I'm deeply disturbed by it that's Tom Basser the president's former homeland security adviser on ABC's this week this entire mess has me frustrated Bossert was overseas when details about the president's July phone call with Ukraine's president went public it is a bad day in a bad week for this president for this country if he is asking for political dirt on an opponent that opponent would be former vice president Joe Biden Bossert however says he saw no evidence of a so called quid pro quo Montana's governor Steve bullock declaring a state of emergency after two feet of snow fell already.

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