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This gets going to give us anything which is a which is a bummer and with rope and again, I know I'm more bullish than most but with Romeo coming back theoretically after the All-Star break, I really do think Romeo is going to give you something here. I don't think it's going to be Gordon Hayward replacement, but I think he's going to play I think he's going to be in the rotation. They need defense. Yeah, and he plays defense wage. Think again this guy this is again why I love guys like this. I know he looked lost last you didn't look good last year at all. But this is a guy who was a top-three top-four high school recruit two years ago. One of the most highly-regarded players heading into college in the nation. Like he has a pedigree there's something in there that you know that he has he's a scorer. He's a basketball player. I'm dying to see it. I'm dying to see it. You know. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm still in the same camp of that you play Nesmith and just see what happens. I don't think you go into a game against the Clippers where like you have to get any signal on the floor, right? I'm very selective in that way. I don't think you put them in situations where you're facing top-tier offenses or you know, top-notch job. I guess the Lakers are those kind of matchups, but every day games, you know, why not? I still think you should get his reps in and get more comfortable out there. Yes, I'm dead. Chris Brown was out in the beginning Bobby when we were asking for was consistently. He shouldn't go again what that stretch where we had that we had the graphic on the screen. He went seven games playing two minutes total then played then was the first guy off the bench for five or six games and now he's in no man's land again. Just get the kit in eight ten twelve minutes a game and work through it a little bit but I mean in spots run some sets get him confident get him playing a little bit this hot and cold thing is really weird. I think it is weird weird is a good way to put it I don't I mean I guess they don't I don't keep a good eye pack like every other teams rotations and whatnot. But I do I do feel like a strange to go from like a basically DMP to like you said, like first guy off the bench getting 25 minutes playing crunch time getting you know lost and Luka doncic his game-winning dry shot and then relegated to you know, the tackle fall treatment again where you know, he doesn't play them. So is it is weird those like massive swings and I don't know what that's just Brad Stevens, you know, just trying to see what works and just going with the guy and sticking with them for that game. Maybe maybe playing a guy like Nesmith of six or seven minutes doesn't do anything to help nice man through the Celtics. I mean, I thought playing him a little bit getting it was getting his feet wet. Getting comfortable would be better than I honestly think I would rather see him eight to ten minutes then get see him get 25 minutes, but it's Bonkers he went it was you know, the last few games was 0-0 before that 714 then before that 20 to 12 or 7:20 2129 the game before that do anything. I must say did it's just strange the units like no we didn't do anything. It's like maybe brushing strange. Am I going to play twenty five minutes a day? We're going to stand there and not do anything and make Jayson Tatum and Jenna Brown do even more than they already have to do. Yeah, he was terrible..

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