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In the charred ruins where the northern California town of paradise stood before is erased in the deadliest most destructive wildfire in state history the guard contingent about one hundred military police trained to look for an identify human remains will reinforce recovery. Teams already scaring the Ashy landscape in a fire that's killed at least forty eight people. Cal fire spokesman Steve Kauffman, we're at one hundred and thirty thousand acres. Thirty five percent contained the Butte county disaster coincided with a flurry of blazes in southern California. Most notably the Wolseley fire which is killed two people and destroyed over four hundred structures. President Trump is weighing an administration wide shake-up as he looks to prepare his White House for divided government. But it's unclear who's going and who's staying homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen was thought to be out as soon as this week, but is now likely to remain in the post for a longer period because there's no obvious successor in place. Trump has soured on Yeltsin and White House chief of staff John Kelly in part of frustration that his administration is not doing more to address what he has called a crisis at the US Mexico border CNN is suing the Trump administration demanding that correspondent Jim Constas press pass to cover the White House be returned the administration revoked it last week following the president's contentious post-election news conference, citing a Costa's refusal to hand over a microphone the president said he was done talking to him. He crimes in the US jumped seventeen percent in two thousand seventeen with a huge thirty seven percent spike in antisemitic attacks marking the. Third year in a row that such attacks have increased the FBI says there were seven thousand one hundred seventy five hate crime incidents reported last year by law enforcement agencies. The winner of that one and a half a billion dollar mega millions jackpot still hasn't been identified. Lottery. Officials in South Carolina, say the person or group has still not step forward. Even though the drawing was nearly three weeks ago. The winning ticket was sold in the town of Simpson Ville, the winner has one hundred eighty days to step forward. Time runs out on April twenty first. Wow. I hope that means this person or persons are just hiring a team of people to help manage it all or they lost the ticket. No, no, no. Or they're going to wait till a Christmas Eve to announce it. So they fly under the radar screen from. Strange isn't. It is strange next-gen is twenty three minutes after the hour.

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