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Country the world tread on them. Where statement come from this these the Sunday spin your host is the Chicago Tribune 's Rick Pearson that Sunday morning everyone. I'm Rick Pearson of Chicago Tribune, and welcome to this edition of the Sunday spin for April, the seventh twenty nineteen we're going to be doing a special post election roundtable today with Bryan Berner, Tony Eric elk. So welcome. As always to our weekly looked at the world of politics and policy, sweet go from city hall to the state house and all the way onto the White House so grab that Sunday paper get that hot Cup of coffee. We'll do our best to get your week off to a good start. Well, I put away my Blackhawks gear for the year. Shame. Fifty shots on goal. Yeah. Forty five saves to for Cam ward who probably bellied one of the best games of his career. Yeah. And you know, the thing I love about hockey. I think you saw the game the other night to Chris Kunitz have that goal that was at first called no goal. And then it was allowed. They just mobbed him and the same thing for Cam more. They really wanted him to play yesterday because it was going to be a seven hundred NHL game the respect factor for the veterans in the game of hockey is immeasurable. I don't think it's high in any other sport. They all want to have these guys get a taste of the ultimate success. And no Cam was just played played out of his skates. And to have that kind of a poor defensive effort in front of you is pretty depressing. And I know that Jeremy Colloton says he's going to be going to fix that. Yeah. As a former NHL defense. I think he probably has a pretty good idea of what's what is needed. There was some glimmers of of some hope later on season. You know, I I really like with Dennis Gilbert gave him that one game that he played, you know, right gossips and had a great offensive season. Forsling to me, it's still scary. And Carl dalstrom actually played pretty well this year as well. So Connor Murphy. And I thought it was very consistent all year. The elder statesman is they like to call them. Seabrook and Duncan Keith. So yeah, that's something that's going to be a huge point of emphasis because I think both goaltenders could have been even that much better have had some defense in front of them. Well, that's I mean when you allow the number. I mean this year is just been horrible shots allowed. And that was always the Blackhawks teams, they would you know block. They'd would be blocking shots and the other team wouldn't have the opportunity because they'd be in their offense defense defenses. Only interrogate, right. Exactly. Exactly. So we make the transition from the brink to the ballpark. Yes. And so I was joking with the friend. I actually posted on Twitter that inner first official act as mayor elect Lori Lightfoot bounced the first pitch, and as someone a friend of mine pointed out this could be a good sign though for Chicago. It shows that she's a verse two strikes. That I like that. Yeah. That but pretty good. Yeah. So think the sacks are going to be fun this year. You know? Yeah. I do too. Yeah. There's there's a lot of the lot going on there. Because you know, Tim Anderson is really starting to come into his own is he? You know, and I liked Howard yesterday called daddy power. Second child the other day. Couple of home runs in the last two games to to actually I six hits over the last two games as well. Now the question is going to be the pitching. Can it be consistent enough to to make things interesting to get towards the five hundred Mark I know that that's a goal obviously for this team to to improve it in. There's no really room to go anywhere but up as far as the win total from last year, sixty two. I'm thinking somewhere in the seventies. Maybe mid seventies. If things go well, but pitching could be the the starting pitching. It could be the only issue. But I think road down pitch really well the first couple of games Geely don't bump in the road yesterday. And I ran the Lopez has really put it all together yet. And you know, Yvonne Belva is is a veteran presence. And I think Ervin Santana might be called upon here. Pretty soon as well. I think there's a lot to look forward to on the south side. I really to. Yeah. No. On a couple of nights catches yesterday. Well, and and then there's over on the north side. And I tomorrow the home opener Wrigley and. That bullpen. Yeah. It lost a member yesterday with were junior going down to triple eight right to work whatever he needs to work on which is a lot. He went. Yeah. Hopefully, get some innings in down in the Moines. But it's just it's it's been gruesome I mean thankfully with the win yesterday. It's it's just gruesome, I think players will tell you that the most demoralizing types of losses are those that you have a lead going into the late innings Anibal pen can't hold it and gives it up, right? Right. It's it's well, I mean, it's like hockey and losing in the third period. Right. It's the same kind of thing. You've got the game. You've got the game. And then. But well, I mean, I'm I'm -ducted my copy blue, you are to tell you know. I'm there my team and. To see what we'll see what we'll see what Monday brings with the home opener where Lori Lightfoot has a chance to redeem redeem herself. Yes. Be consistent. You know, don't show favorites on one side of the town or the other, you know. Right. I think so the interest of fairplay. Yes. Yes. Really complain about the weather for tomorrow. None opener. No. And you know, maybe in the seventy s that's unheard of for Chicago. That's for sure. Well, and I know, you know, Dave, and I were both talking off the air about trying to let's push spring a little bit here. So he's been posting pictures of flowers on Facebook. None of them that were actually in Chicago. No, I should no way out west and inside in just the amazing pike place market in Seattle. Oh place market. Yeah. That's where that picture is from is that real? Pike place market deli pictures that I ever see from. There are the throwing throwing the fifth as you go on my YouTube page, I've got a video of them throwing the fish. You can see that. Also, the we did that we took those pictures four years ago when we are on our trip up the what a fun place, it's great what a fun place. Now. I'm going to push things a little bit. It's brought on the grill today. I'm not going to be scared off by this talk of intermittent rain showers. This is it's time to it's time to get the process going. Don't you think you can do it? Yeah. With an umbrella. Scattered scattered showers or thunderstorms cook with an umbrella. Well, thank you. Raining. It's worth it's worth. Still cook outside, but you're not holding umbrella. You could I mean, you know, if you're worried about the rain. Trying to protect you. Not that the. I thank you, Mr. meser around Sern. But no that's not going to be a problem. But yeah, no, I think some Braatz and mix up some sauerkraut on the side. They're young. I think that'd be I don't even know what what sports have any. There is tonight because we have the basketball championship is tomorrow night tomorrow. So. The women's championship. There you go. That's worthwhile. All right. I'm all set to a lot of tourists in town lately. I guess spring break, and then so I was on the twenty nine CTA stretch limo the other day coming downtown. And a guy that's the one with darkened windows. Right. And there's a guy that gets on. And he's standing at the fare box with a ten dollar Bill. And the driver says, we don't make change, and he goes, okay? And then he puts the ten dollar Bill in standing there waiting for the change. Okay. I mean, and I felt you know, jeeze for ten bucks. He ought to just be able to ride the bus all day long. No, just don't get off the bus. But. Crazy town. Crazy town. They were a bunch of people in town this week. There was some convention go and was a convention of weatherization contract. Was that what it was? And number of them from the southeastern part of United States. I will say, and I was in my favorite underground hang out on lower. Michigan. Billy goat. And one guy. Opined that plays. Look like something out of Kentucky. I'm just trying to trying to grasp that thought, you know. And yeah, it was an interesting cast of characters for this weather. He was talking about the the Billy goat itself. Okay. There's something like something out of Kentucky tavern, right? Yeah. Not not not a goat. But. Which I think he might have been more familiar with given his demeanor. But yeah, interesting interesting group of people there and not not not sure they had been to Chicago before. First time for everything. Yeah. I think you should do the whole program in your Kentucky dialect there. Now. I don't think we all to the Sundays. Oh, man, do it from a little cabin. Get a little cabin here. In Sunday spin on the eighteenth floor. The it's it's high up here. He's he's tall buildings. They're scary. Hurt my neck looking up buildings as highs and elephants. Clear up to the sky. This thing's going off the rails already. Gosh who at seven twenty on the twenty seven twenty. Well, and maybe just is is a fitting moment show this to the guys before we went on the air on Facebook. Somebody posted this Charlie Brown cartoon of Charlie Brown, waking up at night in bed. And he goes sometimes I lie awake at night. And I ask where have I gone wrong? Then a voice says to me this is going to take more than one. I think that's I think that's today's motto. Today's Sunday spin while Dave's here to keep us up to date on all the news, and he has the latest sports producer Sarah's here and fielding your calls.

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