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You've got recorded presentations from an Hanley opening up the keynote, and we've got our friend, Eric decker is on there. Also two well-known copywriter who we've had on the show talking about branding and can get you on track with comedy and writing which some folks should try and the council. Maybe you just need to stay away from it, but we'll let him call there and we've got the marketing BB forum coming up in November which you're actually going to be out, right? You've got a session. I've actually got entire workshop will be doing a full day work. Workshop on Google analytics analytics intensive for people. So if you're gonna be at the before, make sure you register for that workshop growing a lot of coffee, bring your, bring your nose for whatever it is you need to to power. He had to keep pace and run with it yet. 'cause I've seen outlines for these sessions and it's not for the timid. You better bring your game. And of course, I'm sure you'll have materials for them to walk away with so they can dig themselves out of whatever mess they get into our where they get lost, but that will do it. And again, yeah, for the boot camp, it's dot com. Slash could coffee eighteen and we thank cross for their support of the show. We've got other hardcore stuff, but I do have to make sure we squeeze this one in the last blockbuster. A number of, I guess there were number three years of them are so up in Alaska. But with those closing, now there's just one surviving store in bend, Oregon, and we've got a link to it. So if you want to take a look, but yet it's they're talking about their machines from nineteen ninety nine still working with their floppy disks and nobody hacks floppy disks these days. So they're completely sectaire and and ready to go. But I don't know, I think unless it becomes a museum that could be the thing they say they are tons of people that stop by just for selfish and to be part of the lack last blockbuster. So have to give them a shout out as the sole survivor. That's amazing. Now, Google Dedi studio data, blending what's going on over there. This is kind of becoming the dashboard of choice quickly. It's going the dashboards worst because it connects to everything in the price is right price is you know, zero dollars for the average user a while back. They took off the limit of the number of dashboards. You're allowed to have a now. The newest thing all's relatively few weeks old is data blending where you can start to. You've been able to connect all these data sources that have various connectors for in that community connectors program really opened up the universe of what's available. But one of the things is that it's really been a visualization flat on to this point. There's been no an analytical capabilities, no way to mesh data together. Data blending now allows you to start binding data to get the super YouTube analytics and you bring in your Google analytics, Facebook analytics, bring all the stuff together and you can start to unify the data within the interface. Now it's not perfect and aid is no substitute. If you need actual hard. Gordon analysis. But if you're just trying to put like two bar charts together to live together from different data sources that it's the way to go now. So this this ways to go yet, but you can definitely see the direction that Google trying to take they're trying to to take on the Tableau or the world. You know, it's one of those things where it doesn't do everything now, but I'm sure three years from now. It may be the maybe the last blockbuster, as we. Time passes because we'll just has a way of doing that and making that happen..

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