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The day as you mentioned on june nineteenth when enslaved people in the state of texas were finally informed that they had been freed after the end of the civil war and some people talk about this as being two years too late because they think about the emancipation proclamation which was issued by lincoln president lincoln at the time for january first of eighteen sixty three and that proclamation stated that all enslaved people in the states everybody would be free if they had not come back to the union inflate people in texas did not learn of their freedom until june nineteenth and that's why we sell operate it on this day why didn't those in texas here about it why didn't they know about it sooner many of their enslavers chose not to tell them they chose to keep living and to keep functioning in a system of slavery that was known before the war and also you know for some of them an number of other southern slaveholders believed that lincoln wasn't there president so they didn't have to respond to the emancipation proclamation it was not their objective or duty to freely enslaved well here's some sound from this june eighteenth celebration even though the union army general gordon granger announced the total emancipation of slaves in eighteen sixty five in galveston texas it wasn't fully recognized as a holiday in the state until nineteen seventynine here's doug matthews coordinator of the galveston june teeth coalition on american history tv this is from two thousand fifteen describing how.

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