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Yeah, because the Kennel. And admit a schwartz will be up and ultimately what you're looking at is a real stars in scrubs roster of the cowboys. Gosh this deal? Dak Prescott Mike. DAX contract might come out for his podcast so if it does. Here's an overarching statement. Good job. But. It's a very stars in scrubs Z. Roster. Jones interesting because he's like undeniably good like nobody disputes the fact that he's one of probably the best. Three to four interior defensive linemen, the NFL is does not bold, right. That's pretty widely. I wrote this last night. And I mean this is before the contract. came out I, said. Chris the best tackle, not name Aaron Donald. Yeah, if for you yeah! Okay so I think the question is okay, so you're already paying Clark a ton of money. And then you've got the mahomes contract so I guess to me the question is in. It's not as Chris Jones good, we know he's good. Obviously mostly is a pass rusher but. Is that you wanNA spend your money. You know what I mean, 'cause they're. They're going to have to cheat `bout in the secondary going forward and I guess linebacker as well which they kind of punted on generally. mean she's basically just don't care about run defense, which is pretty cool. Good leaning. So I guess yeah, they're leaning. They're fully leaning into. They're saying we are going to defend the pass. Last year. They finished six against pass twenty, nine th against Iran. Interestingly, you know pass rush, win rate, and some of the various pass rushing. Statistics weren't super impressive, but they were effective when it counted like. Do you agree with this decision from a broader team building standpoint? Yeah, absolutely we we as a whole just football journal. We always think pass rushers is the end outside linebacker edges. You know and Chris. Is that disruptive Interior Guy Not just getting sacked, also t.f els. He's actually really good at all down. which I always think is, it's a dooney knows. Yup, it's a it's a a I. I took it from a old basketball blog. Inches called do shit stats. I mean it's nothing fancy, but it's not just. It's not a sacks and everything that up. It's everything that's up. Guy Might only have eight sacks, but he might have fourteen t.f like five balls batted down like you know it's. It's wide JJ, Watt. College was so dynamic. Yeah, he is that numbers weren't great, but if you look at everything else, it was like Oh. Wow, this guy's pretty incredible. I think sometimes we hung up just on Sax and just on Edge Guys Chris Jones gets the sex, but he also does everything else, and it just comes from the inside which I actually think. It's harder to walk. You can slide the center over there. There are ways to avoid that with how you show the pressure and everything it yes, easier to get a guy out one because you can't help him, so it's actually kind of funny. It's so hard to find a true disruptive, three technique or Interior Guy Christians Johns plays everywhere, but I think it's well worth it because it is, that is harder to block first off. That's a unique talent skill. Set that you have to face. Face I think a lot of teams have one or two good edge guys, but not a ton of teams have a disruptive. Interior Guy so I think they found the money, but at five pay him what he wants. That is a guy you built around, because at no matter what you have that one core guy and your line and they have Frank Clark as well. Who's also very good, so I mean. I think right now this next three or window. It's great. Setup an at the library I'm just going to branch off, but like they drafted a the drafted a willygate junior in the second round at Linebacker, in which is so funny, because like chiefs I've inhaled. Analytics Guy is like the analytic starling in a draft running back in an awful linebacker in the first two routes, which just killed me. Yeah but his fun prospect. He's like rangy dynamic that he he's a more above a running typing a coverage type again. They're leaning into it. They don't need the thumper. They want they know. The Andy Reid is first teen I fifteen twenty plays. And they're all built on getting an early lead. It's blitz on basically not bullets like a Defense Boyd's but but supposing defenses with their offense with their scripted plays jump out to a lead in making play. Catch up the rest of the game. They leaning fully leaning into it, and it's just funny with spags, and he second half the year once I think he got a real feel for what he had, and they also got the the tackle off street. I'm blanking narrowed down. Oh Mike. Mike Banal they signed. Mike Panel Yeah. They also have a reclamation project in Taco Charlton. Which is another? Okay? Like one of those like there's a there's a whole list of guys were like when you look at like the P. Click. Oh. He's on this team now. I totally missed that entire. Charleston's definitely like in the they. They're attempting to buy cheap and hit a home. Run hit a double with a guy and then and. That's what they're going to try and do with. It's the new world they live in new post. mahomes world I WANNA speed. Did you see that anecdote today about how post Malone now has pet MAHOMES TATTOO? Your name tattooed on his body because he lost him and beer pong. Any story involving Post Malone posts, Jesus Christ see but I. Mean Pat Mahomes Post Malone is like. WHO's on first scenario of the brilliant speaks shy feeling, Brady Okay, so he's got a bunch of us, so let's break it all down a little. Well we got time so..

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