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Supply. Get a precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son. Let's go to Joe Conway in the traffic center. In Maryland serious crash on I two 70 is northbound north of one O 9 sounds like a motorcyclist was involved. Lots of rescue on the scene from what we understand you may be only able to squeeze by under their direction in a single lane but not sure what lane is going to be affected at this point. On two 70 southbound the works on your Montgomery village avenue blocks the right wing without a delay over a Montgomery village avenue, there was a work zone southbound near three 55. Along the right. Bellway traveled in Maryland good seemed goes for 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway bay bridge is good. Two lanes east three lanes west, crashed and prince George's saint Barnabas road was south of branch avenue. And the district, Alabama avenue was closed between 18th street southeast and Stanton road southeast because of a serious crash, police were directing an air stretch between the suitland Parkway and Wheeler road. For Virginia bellino reports of any issues, 95 south found the crash after Quantico, it's on the left side, causing a delay as you make your way southbound, leaving triangle toward Quantico, the easy pass lanes are northbound. 66 eastbound, your crash between 29th centerville and 28th centerville reportedly blocks the right lane. They're having a little trouble with the camera finding it. On 15, the crash in haymarket was north of two 34 near bull run estates. We are brought to you by golf tour summer golf is in full swing, they're fully stocked to help all golfers live the game, visit golfed them in tysons or go to golf and golf dot com. I'm jokowi WTF traffic. And it's storm team four is Lauren ricketts. We've got temperatures that are in the 70s right now moving into the low 90s. Some sunshine. At least we're seeing increased

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