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We could have been pulled over by the culture that would have been even later into the ground. Yes winter shit in there because obviously off focuses on the game but also got this Both job of caused all away from northampton. Go into london. Yeah it was just chockablock block and we made we did make the mistake high record on the daddy from Not but i don't think it didn't affect fact performance. I think you know all performances. Which is what we put in really you know and i think pulled a lot of people don't realize also finished eighth season. That would a good thing. Yeah very good team. You know deadbeat. Nick switches well just previous to being those. They know fools but I i think the expectation was to win the game and make everything so so easy. You know God knows what it would have been like if we'd have beaten middlesbrough. They've got to waited another if we were champions. Now i think that have been a difficult to take. Yeah i think that would have been what i mean when you look at it you reflect back on it we will. We will games in them the last game. This season didn't really must have. I suppose a romantic point of view To have got a win would really sailed up in the l. Even a draw even draw but in series classify t one. And we did that podcast. You actually would more games than the defending champions liverpool. Yes you want more game captains logging in the wonderful book that you have aston villa first division champions tonight eighty to eighty one fortieth anniversary tribute book captain's log. We lost this match match but we win the title for many villa supporters..

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