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Exclusive interviews current champs like cody garbrandt i hate being lied to and tj constantly lies i mean i almost got kicked out fever taken up for the guy going after conor mcgregor you could be my brother i don't care when that cage is locked i'm gonna try and knock you out no matter what for all of our exclusive interviews just go to wfancom fan 2020 force time eleven o3 fourthround play earlier today at wimbledon and the number one seed in the men's side andy murray's into the quarterfinals at wimbledon for the ten th straight year he defeated benoi pair in straightsets angelique kerber topranked player in the world was eliminated in three states by guard bean mogo ruza rafael nadal lost a fiveset marathon to jill muller venus williams into the quarterfinals secondseed simona halup advanced americans coco vandeweghe and sam query also into the quarterfinals novak djokovic had his match against adrian manner reno postponed until tomorrow tim hardaway junior began his career with the next was eventually traded to atlanta now he is back with the next after accepting a four year seventy one million dollar contract at the hawks did matching he's ready to accept a new role is very rare for sown leave teaming come back and and a non jeff he'll make the most is definitely priority justice ciller i am diverse and i am confident guy there on the floor in more mature now averaged a careerbest fourteen and a half points per game last season with the hawks the rangers made it official today they hire longtime nhl head coach linde rough as an assistant brave nypd officer meal so tea's familiar was just doing her job protecting others when she was senselessly assassinated help us make sure this mothers dreams.

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