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Radio live everywhere on the I. Heart radio at Box 31 10 point Whether 96 the high Today 95 Tomorrow it's 82. Now on action. They alert for air quality, in effect for the front range until at least four PM Studio. The smoke from the wildfires particular. It's, which is like dust and other elements like Ash locked it into the air from the distant wild fires, as well as ground level ozone Box 30 one's books. Carter even though those wildfires There are hundreds of miles away. The effects are far reaching your grand Junction. The Pine Gulch fire good over 73,000 acres yesterday and remains 7% contained. It's the fifth largest in Colorado history. The Grizzly Creek fires. What's shutting down parts of I 70 more than doubled in size overnight and prompted a visit to Glenwood Springs from governor Polish this morning. All of Colorado is under drought conditions right now, so we're heightened risk. Many of our areas. I want to make sure that's a clear message to campers and others to really limit activities that could cause fires as we go about our daily lives. Si dot advising folks looking to hit the outdoors this weekend to stay away from the West, encouraging residents to check out some of the great attractions to the north and south. Course, that could be an issue now to the Cameron Creek. Fire is burning near Fort Collins, and it's also very active and bringing spoke to the northern part of the state. Colorado officials say the state's unemployment trust fund will run out of money next week, The state will have to borrow from a federal unemployment fund once it runs out of money to ensure there will be no interruption in payments. As for any new talks about unemployment benefits and stimulus relief in Washington, Donald your raft, the Senate is officially adjourned through Labor Day without coming to an agreement to 58 Thursday afternoon. The Senate gaveled out on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is chastising Republicans over stalled negotiations on a stimulus package, saying this administration and the Republicans in Congress have never understood the gravity of the situation. And now a new timeline for when Americans might receive their next stimulus check is less clear than it has been in weeks. Meanwhile, around 28 And Americans remain unemployed in many of the relief provisions from the first stimulus package of dried up. And while experts remain unconvinced, the Trump's executive orders will be efficient and helping vulnerable households. As many as 40 million Americans could face evictions. Mike Bauer, NBC News radio, He's been grilled by senators and lawmakers. So how did Dr Anthony found she hold up during his interview with actor of Matthew McConaughey. Hey, NBC's Alex Appreciate as Maur, the actor ass Valachi of sunlight kills the virus. Well, she said. Yes. McConaughey also asked of letting everyone get infected, so we all become immune is a viable strategy. No way felt, he said, particularly in America, where obesity, diabetes and hypertension are prevalent. The death toll would be enormous and totally unacceptable found, she said. Alex Boucher, ABC NEWS Washington Broncos kickoff training Cab. Today we'll have an update from Caylee's brandy Crystal. He's down in the valley throughout the day, Rockies and Rangers kick off their Syriza course field tonight. Our coverage starts at six. Our next news updates and 10 30 I'm tell Clark on K Away NewsRadio, 8:50 a.m. and 94 1 FM. It's your chance to win $1000. Text the nationwide keyword home to 202 100. You'll get a confirmation text in info. Standard Data message.

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