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It's it's kind of reminiscent of hot ones but it's a little with a different spin like it's it's really cool we're gonna shoot it in the man cave my buddy john man's is coming out to shoot it for me and then and then we know we're obviously we're planning to call in sick to work toward that i think will be an august i'm not to like bury the lead or whatever but and then for that i think we're going to bring john man's along with us and have him shoot it just so that we can put out videos every day of like you so you can follow the tour and that you enjoy it and if you didn't get to go you get to see what it was like and if you get to go then you'll be and we're gonna do like little segments they're put up cameras and just have fun it's just about being having fun the businesses changed so much that you just wanna make sure you have fun it's like we talked about this one time i'll talk about this gin i talked to my director todd biermann for my special special by the way very very happy with it we're in the ad it right now i'm going to be in the i'm going to be in the studio or in the edit bay next week giving minor cuts but my manager's taking a look at it the executive producer tony one of my best friends throughout my entire life who just happened to produce it also he's given his notes and todd the directors given his notes so by the time i get it we should be good it for me at that point is just things where i think things to pop and i want good intro music god bless tony hernandez for telling me not to to go out with no music because i was the best fucking idea i it's the best thing thank god but the.

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