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And, enjoying your afternoon, I wanted, to just throw in a quick throw back to. One of our earlier topics because we ran out of time and I I wanted to make this point as well and it's concerning you know school years and snow days and all that stuff what we talked about. Earlier with Columbus schools getting out early today and getting out early again tomorrow was that you know what. The. Kids, should just go to school through the Friday leading up to, Memorial Day weekend so they, get out that Friday and they don't. Have to go back until the Tuesday after. Labor Day okay. Well that relieve all the situations, as far as he is concerned maybe, not all of them but it would probably take good care A good chunk of them but one thing I wanted, to throw out there what, about this ramp your minds about this How about if they just. Say school is going on no matter what every. Day that school is scheduled school will happen And if there's a couple of inches of snow on, the ground and you decide that it's not safe for your kid to get on the school. Bus and go to school then you keep them you make the call for what's right for your family and your kids Because everybody, will say well it's, done we the people in town it's those people out in those rural districts and man the. Roads get bad out in the country and. If that school bus letting nobody cared if a school bus slid off the road in the, fifties sixties seventies, probably the eighties, either but because we've become a much more litigious, society and everybody gets sued that everybody gets squeamish, so you take the guesswork out of it you say the buses. Are going to run no matter what school is going to, be open no matter what whether. It's hot whether there's three feet of snow on the ground and if you want to keep your kid home that's your business and then your kid will have to catch up, well then what if the teachers can't get to the school they can get their stop there How many, actual occasions is there really that that you just, really can't get Tom how'd you two thousand eight I could not. Get, I could not get to broadcasting school could not because, you just didn't try hard enough D- Professional career where we had twenty two inches of snow literally. Plowed my car in there was no thing I could do like my car was buried the snow k. Josh, Carr settle down your little. Bit cranky today I will come Bro, I know okay so if there's twenty two inches of snow on, the ground fine. Visit three feet. I just wanna I know you're from Minnesota, and all okay you gave me on. It and. I'll I'll, see I'm a. I'm a UniteR I'm willing to make concessions and we'll just. Cut it, off we'll say if there's Eighteen inches of snow or more than, than than fine. Then there's no. School yeah but I mean it would often, does that happen not often but not. Just telling. You I, guarantee you there's. Not many parents out there that want their inexperienced sixteen or. Seventeen year old driving Keep. Them, home that's my, point you make the call for what's right, for your family will then, don't say schools. Open let's just start learning from home let's have online curriculum on calamity that's fine too I just. Thought my way was a little. Bit more confrontational Thank you Flora man, I mean come on traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from, TempStar heating cooling products and. Chief meteorologist Marshall mcpeek Marshall. Argue there I'll bet. He's, not oh. I'm sorry Johnny. Might be I. Don't know Looking for him just because he's, I was still thinking about my school plan so, I'd, watched, it you, know what my bad I've been here five years and it was not a, day for about four of them where the afternoon guys. Did not go to. Whether, I at. The same time. Every stinking day Got arrested soul he screwed that up, at the same time at five twenty every day Corby I'm glad to kill we're keeping that memory alive seventy eastbound. Having trouble out of Bexley all the way to Bryce road.

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