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People caretakers. It's more of a shift. In emphasis shifting thinking more naming else rather than an implementable action and changing. Someone's thinking is a is a very difficult thing to try to achieve again. I'll go back to what you were saying. She was talking about client manages opposed to to actual property managers. I've always believed it's asset management and. That's what essentially is so being broader in what we do not to focus. Ob drawn down into the the problem element of property management. Let's face it. There's a hell of a lot of problems and a number of headaches but understanding and seeing that the bigger picture also for principals as well to to educate and upskill themselves. If you had to go to. Let's say an Eric Frog on the site. You'll see a number of real estate principles. Eric you see far less equivalent being open open of course so what I typically find is going back to that journey of a principal most of them salespeople that have kind of stepped up this is your biggest asset. This is your retirement fund. And you've got to get in there. Don't pass off to somebody else decalogue after you've got to get in and you know every last aspect element of that business so in the if a property manager was unwell one day you could step in and do their job because once you start doing that you start realizing hang on it. Why do we do that? Why do we do this? Why do we have this technology? There's a there's a better more efficient turn out there and I don't think enough principals actually do that enough going get their hands dirty and educate and upskill themselves yourselves property management. It's very foreign to them. Many ways. Yeah absolutely will. There's no excuses with Eric this year. She going Gary Can often marched together. All okay there's there's plug. Yeah I listened on some actionable tips for the listeners. Because we love getting actionable tips and since taking shy nights I tried to get a minimum of six links. It's my personal. KPI High Top agents stop partners. What are they focusing on right? Now being hyper local Oku educating people as I touched on earlier really really during the undestanding their role that purpose who they serve and that's essentially what we need to see themselves as another thing that sort of coming to terms visit they content providers. I mean again our region magazine. I've seen the POCUS. There's numerous people have been before me. You've said the same thing understanding content providers but also understanding what they're actually good at so I've seen a number of them trying to trying to themselves. You need to double down on being a salesperson listing selling. I would introduce a third party. WHO's an expert in that field to aid and assist you in that respect so absolutely being being local talking about local matters getting out and about meeting people but also really understanding digital spice and getting for parties to come in tonight and assist you in that respect? What's the best pace of actionable advice you've ever been given about real estate business? I suppose it sends around time really yet. Don't suffer fools appreciate appreciate in value. Time is the most precious of commodities use it wisely and kind of get to the point. I have a propensity to be verbose. Sometimes so the outages wise one hundred words when you can use twenty so cutting to the chase getting to the point and doing so not because rude or obnoxious just because you then create Motaung to do maybe more productive things day speaking of productivity what is your best productivity cheap or your favorite productivity tool at the moment on old school cool in that respect so what like a whirlwind so I may not work as long hours of some of the people in the industry but boy oh boy when on it on it and I think one of the things you just call all the noise Mrs Simple as that. Don't get distracted. Even something as simple as batching emails. For argument's sake you know we're very impulsive. Response any lastly distraction because we almost welcome distraction in many ways so just literally just tunnel vision literally just tunnel vision. And that's what you need to do and you can do that. Maybe two or three times a day so to speak. But yeah just eliminating distractions and we all know around distractions so just get away from them. That's good advice. Say any books. What's your favorite booked? You've ever read now. I'm going to sound like a right dummy here. I actually haven't read a boat for probably about five years and that's not to say unread unread or unintelligent I actually probably spend up to fifteen forty five minutes to an hour and a half. Every day seeking information. I have a hunger for information. I have a hunger for for self-improvement I read all the time. I just don't read books so I listen to podcasts. I read a lot of obstacles talking books. I read a lot of our allies. I shouldn't books bit lazy but it's a shortcut about finding out the juicy parts. I'm somebody who just fills my head with as as much as I possibly can. If you ever need an extra team member when you pop trivia quiz give us a shout but yeah I mean I think also a number of people perhaps watching this who don't read books themselves and they probably feel less intelligent because of that. Don't as long as you still have the desire to go out and self improve and learn. That's fine you don't have to read a book and I think there's also some people watching this who say rude countless books and probably don't either by the way yeah. I wasn't reading a lot of books till I started hosting a podcast thin everyone. Everyone seemed to have a book that they want to talk about on the podcast. I've read about twenty this. She roenick because I used to read books until podcast antithesis occupation of John Jr so this has been Super Fun Anyway Doug Nixon we've got something controversial to pull par going on the first of all. Thank you sharing your knowledge today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm sure that they've been helpful to some people who kind of thinking about things but too afraid to talk about and if there's one thing that you want everyone remember from everything we've talked about today what would it be because it probably doesn't get enough as much airtime as the other topics discussed going back to the Obviously obviously the obligations responsibilities of a workforce. It may sound if I'm kind of bashing principles here I'm not because actually it permeates for out any organization nations and it sounds Ott but just become to each other you know and just think twice about certain words or actions or behaviors also for those people you put in a position of authority or leadership might not be you but it could be someone else in your organization as well but if you see or hear it you need to stamp it out. You can't tolerate it because if if something sinister settled down and then obviously. That's them reported by not doing you become complacent yourself. So I think like I said we just need to be acutely aware of this. And we need to Kinda nip it in the Baden cut at every level. Even if you're somebody who works in office not principal manager you hear or see someone doing something. Let me scared to say something. Stop it it has to BECA- out altogether. It's just not acceptable in any walk of life except in real estate. That's for sure. Yes that's right. A noise remember that change starts with you. Correct absolutely say never never was anything. More True Doug Driscoll thank you very much. Thank you very much to connect with all things elite agents including the latest this these coaching and features subscribe at our website elite agent dot com..

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