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And I get the degree difficulty hasn't been the highest. But he's a rookie thrown into that fire trying to live up to that defense. He's playing with such conviction such a thority for a kid he so decisive and everything that he does he's not getting enough credit for how he's operating the offense the way they're designing it for him. Right. And again, Colin Kaepernick was really good especially at that stage yet. Yes. He could throw it much better. I think than this kid, bro. I would agree. But on real raw speed. I mean, Colin could once he got on well, and he could fly fly. Okay. So this defense is number one in the National Football League. And they are also number one in time of possession. That's a formula. You can take on the road. Julie Rogers, right? So I like Lamar to pull this up set off because he's one four thousand nine miracle away from being five, correct? They had them down at Kansas City. Kansas City isn't very good on defense. But they had them down twenty four to seventeen and that your kid homeboy. He he rolls out and closes is not shucks it back into the middle of the field with a minute and twenty nine left entire says. Oh, I see it and he sought before about three other. Right. And then you know, the fourth in three he needed a four three and they pulled it out they salvaged overtime. They want it and overtime. God bless them. But this kid is playing at a high level. I don't think he will be intimidated by coming to play the chargers in a stadium in which they don't have a great home field advantage. I hate to say that because we were Los Angeles. But it's just the truth. The Ran's barely have home field. Advantage. That's rigidly. Mean it's a great place to play that other place is not a great place and the crowd does not really back them hard. So I think the ravens I think it's almost like playing on a neutral site. And I like I like the ravens to steal this one twenty to seventeen you look at Lamar Jackson has played two teams have putting Vincent the falcons in Casey when they have terrible deepens. Yeah. The difference is not only can the charge a score. Their defense is better than any of the defense date phasing since Lamar Jackson has been in there. The question is how fundamentally sound when you play a guy like Lamar Jackson. You must be fundamentally sound if your responsibility to quarterback, I don't care about the running back. My responsibility is Lamar Jackson if your responsibility of running back. I don't care about Lamar Jackson own your responsibility. But anytime Lamar Jackson sticks that ball in the belly. And he hands it. I'm gonna get a shot in on him. Okay. I'm teams. Tried mama. Make sure I do against Tampa. He ran eighteen. Times for ninety five yards. He's averaging five yards a care. He seems to be able to withstand the punishment. And he does avoid the quote unquote kill shots. Do not know a quarterback that has sustained success running the football. There've been a lot of them's get Randall Cunningham comes to mind Steve Young had to revamp the way he played the game. Yup. My and Michael tell you I wish early in my career I had run less individual throw it a lot better he gender, but he had a big arm and look at Cam a bit R G three couldn't protect himself. Okay. How 'bout tin Tibo? He ran the Broncos to a division title and a playoff win over big. Ben Rothlisberger the fifth best quarterback in this generation as we just discussed. You know? Did he not do not do that?.

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