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Yeah i'm sorry rev but you have the worst lifeline corn tom bro stepping on your step on everybody don't don't yell anything out stop yelling things out so rev would you like to take that answer would you like to add another one i'll hard pass on that answer thank you very much but i'm kind of shooting in the dark here anyway just give it a shot was tom sizemore in the expendable 's wait a second what is happening nobody him when he has the fucking question thank you you find boming josh why didn't you for me my answer you can't go back to your lifeline everybody calmed was the guy saying he was in it she was in she was in the expendable he's not in the expendable 's alright ravioli out sign whatever sorry do i'm gonna say carey movie i thought she was done with it by then adam bock just friends on face yes she is so funny and that she steals it that's my third favourite ryan reynolds movie after the after the two dead pools these so good in that shut the fuck up.

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