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I like you screaming at someone complaining about someone screaming. We call that he's screaming. Yeah. Like like you. I was a sensitive, so so it's so fascinating and interesting that I was listening to midday day madness. I was driving. Today basin was so enamored in the factuality with John McVeigh's memory of plays and sitting there saying, well, if you play a game when you're volved in a game, you better be able to recite everything that has happened in that particular game. I could go back it anytime, say anything. I think that's one of those things that people that weren't in a high level arena of competitiveness. Like I still remember all of our social to remember and covers games down when he Alex, who's on base. I don't have to be high level. I still remember stuff that idea to Italy, funny how they were just like, oh my God. He's such a genius. He's unlike fire up your, he calls the plays gonna. Remember the down in the distance in what damn play call. Now, did you hear when this eighty years old yet? That's Donald show the same topic later on in the day to year that didn't hear that you want to listen. Listen. No, it was still three thirty. Every show by the way Donald show? Yeah, they they, they did across talk at three o'clock Mason. Iowan incidental. They made it through never. No punches thrown this time. That's nice. That's nice. Get along punches the big fight tomorrow night. Yeah. G. I'm excited. You're gonna be in Santa Barbara. I'm going to let an exit a bar my place. I sure UCSB. Well, actually, UCSB is more in Galiba. It is. It is. That's where the campuses, but I've spent a lot of time if there where are you going to never mind? Yeah. No, I'm here. What are you doing? Jason. Morass. So, yeah, he said the both I going tonight and then I'm going to go up to send abroad, watch game doing the back to back concerts from the same artist. You really need it that that badly we're when they don't tour as often as I would like try. And so it's like you to your comparing you U2. Jason Mraz LA tonight and this going on tonight, and he's going to send a proper. So you're going to Irvine do all the way to Santa Barbara to see the guy. Yeah, you gonna be an OC. What are you doing? HANA is at the end of the month. Okay. It's the same guy again. Church. Yeah. So who is this guy? Jason? Morales. The big boys. I mean, you can't script key sometimes also grace marasmus. Country? No, no, no berry churches plans Kurt little Jason morass. Wrecking crews. I'm sure you've heard this before. I'm sure I probably so you go see Santa Barbara. So where do you hang out when you go up there? I don't go up there very often, so I don't. I think we just got it like I can. He. What I need to know is where can I go wash to fight State Street? I can even stay streets. A lot of a lot of. Boards and knowing you, you're gonna get into something over there anyway, getting into the US Trojans. All Strodes are in Austin and chef boy ARCHE, but you got to be able to eat. So we want a little barbecue out of Texas, Hon. I'm not in love with barbecue. I just don't like it tastes like smoke. Everything is smoked. That's it. Everything is smoke. Everything is smoke, but it's so big because everything's bigger and tech. Yeah, I I would would do. do thirty seconds before they'll tell you that to my goodness. It's a quick meal for tailgate at UT game versus the university of southern California fine institution?.

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