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The barbecue I gotta go I gotta go Brita water to five in the case of me veggies and veggie Callie burrito yes bloody body do so because I don't even you don't even get it yeah I don't need no damn veggie Barney mammals you barbecue no I eat animals mammals really but here's the problem I reject all things which you don't put a French fry on a three game yeah don't do it now I reject that new school thinking I reject this whole abbreviation Dolo generation and I've had the KC barbecue it's dope I got to go to the park I got your policy holsters his thing all right this city is known also for its legendary baseball history the Negro leagues were founded in Kansas city Missouri and San Francisco has produced some of the greatest players of all time so what city has the greater twentieth century baseball icon right kids sitting pretty tough to beat mom in the case of the Negro leagues satchel Paige percentage I think get myself a lot of other people sending a big thrown in my last two ICS problem that first game Jack that was my first try you know since we started to plan out there but I wasn't quite at myself at that time all I hated was control and I have no he looked pretty good to me and I think that a lot of people say well maybe this is set just last year maybe not going to be as good as it was last year I think you show them I decided to do just as good I better you were last year as a keep up like that but Jack I don't think this is Malaysia I think I can play baseball about fifteen to twenty movie as well that would land on the way you throw that ball I think he'll do all right now the thing is like you got but you can't get like each other all right do once you decide to go on the release of a little but he's done probably get only one and maybe one attempt do here but it's going to be what I wanted to throw off thank you I could be dying in Miami where this could not yes I like it I like it very well down here I can just get off the bench and gets done in what's this I hear about you have a new patient here as I got in the room but every time I go and we don't have but one run and seasoned acting shown up in a bright and I got to go out with that I've been at it for a couple of spells you noticed a baseball good stuff there's such a pays the stylings of satchel Paige the mayor said don't look back something might be gaining on you age is a question about some really gaze a question of mind over matter if you don't mind it doesn't matter that's what he said.

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