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Conversation at storytime with mom. Nicole Briscoe Todd Walker is here to Tim I wanted to ask you we haven't talked a, lot about at all about Alan? Trammell and I'm not calling you old but what do you. Remember watching or of course you probably want kindergarten or something like that what? Were, you what you remember about Alan Trammell following you're watching him play well you know this time they had a staying back in the American League with Trammell played. That any shortstop that had, great carry on his ball on his throw it was called Alan Trammell Kerry meaning did matter where he threw from you, watch and it wasn't like wasn't. Like Sean Dunston thrown over the, first but the ball always got there could never lost its line and it always its first baseman in the little of the best and that was called alan trammell carry he was so reliable as a shortstop he was so much better hitter than people gave him credit for i believe it was the best player on a championship team in nineteen eighty four and when you look at the way the game was supposed to be played on every level every day there's a picture of alan trammell right they're not like this matters but i'm told that he used to play pick up basketball while he was playing in the big leagues of the off season guardsman end line to end line in a pickup ask a ball game 'cause that's how alan trammell attack everything he did athletically especially baseball and i just love the fact that he spent twenty years in major league baseball and all twenty years where with the same team as in the detroit tigers and it's just it's just not the way the game is today So that's something special there are two, modern era selections to. Be enshrined tomorrow the other is Jack. Morrison and Morris, page arguably, the greatest game in baseball history we're talking about game seven of the nineteen Ninety-one World Series between the twins and the Braves he pitched seven are you pitched ten innings how much of that in that game defines his legacy I think that personifies who he was and is and I wrote the side bar that. Night for Sports Illustrated might sidebar was on Jack force remember time Kelly the twins manager came to take him out in the tenth inning in Jack Moore is not coming out of the gate and Randy Bush of the twins told. Me after the game Jack has really tried to take Jack out, of the game time to try to take, him out it would have, been the first. Time in history that. A manager was killed about Jack would have killed John. Kelly because he is not coming out of. That game in the tenth inning of. Scoreless tie those pictures don't exist anymore and I know the numbers don't always add up for. Jack Morris ICRAF. The hall of fame I? Get it but fourteen opening day starts there was never The question is starting game, one or game seven other, play on series It was That game seven. In ninety one kind of personified exactly who. He was he was not coming out of. That game That's so interesting well you know as you know I was on. The field with Grady little and Pedro Martinez in a similar situation and it didn't. Work out the same for, us but I played. With Trevor Hoffman in San Diego and we've talked about his. Fastball we talked about his auspey especially at. Change up what made him special to you Well his competitive nature was like few others as we know as you know tie he was a shortstop is a minor league, he wasn't a very, good hitter he could play defense. And he really throw teammate told the DP you know I don't think you're ever going to hit you should be Keller pitcher and a year later he was a pitcher and a couple of years later he's pitching in the big leagues when he. Finished with six hundred one sage that change it was, unbelievably good especially since at least early crew so hard by the fact, that he could come. Out, of that, bullpen with hell's, bells screaming in the background like that come out so amped up and throw that I for a change out as opposed to throw. It as hard as he could I think really kind of sunup who Trevor Hoffman. Is was he understood the, competition of the game. About as well as anybody and Absolutely I had a? Flair, for the dramatic and being out in. Front given his, dad was singing, are, sure at Anaheim stadium Trevor survive a kidney. Ailment when he was young kid. He proposed to his wife on one knee at halftime of a. Buffalo Bills, game he's used to being in front he's. Not afraid of anything or anybody and that and, that tremendous change is another reason he's going to the hall of fame for a small public service announcement if you're thinking of proposing don't do, it in a public, place make it private and romantic. Back to baseball it's also incredibly difficult to make the hall of fame as a relief pitcher because Hoffman's only the sixth to do it I went out on a gigantic limb earlier and said number seven is gonna make it next year when Mariana. Rare makes them out for the first time I know, huge huge swing there but how to Hoffman and Rivera compared to each other Well if you look at. The regular season numbers they're pretty close I mean you, could Rivera's better than anyone it's not really close between the number two reliever of. All time but you look at, the regular season numbers in Trevor Hoffman is fairly comparable to Mariana nobody's Mario however what. Separates Mariana is postseason covers which are just ridiculous they're absolutely absurd he's. One of the great post-season, pitchers of all time and certainly greatest, postseasons believer of all time and is greatest. Author was that's what separates Mariano is what he did in October we set you up for this question in the last. Segment and we didn't get the answer to it so, I'm gonna ask it again now of all of the inductive is going in tomorrow Vladimir Guerrero Trevor. Hoffman Chipper Jones, Jack Morris Jim, Thome e Alan Trammell who was your favorite to watch Well I think it. Was Chipper, Jones, who we talked about earlier but, I've always admired the. Way that his. Professional career started he was on his high school graduation party weekend when his father called and said you better get home the Braves wanna come talk to you so of course he. Went straight home and the pre drafted meeting with the Braves took thirty minutes Chipper did not have an. Agent he took the first offer. That the graves gave to him which granted was a. Good offer but his dad took, him upstairs, and Chipper you can get. A lot more money than this Well I know, I. Can but I want to be the number one overall pick I wanted to play now and I'm gonna make so much. Money playing this game that I don't eat to get it all right away here and to me that was the consummate Chipper Jones betting on himself only that is hard as this game is, he was going to beat this game that's how confident he, was in his ability and boy did it ever show and. After that great rookie year he had he told me Cal Ripken gave him a, baseball cowards hero of. Chippers growing up in the baseball has. Said great rookie, year now comes the hard part in Chipper kept that ball on his desk and. Looked at it all the time. Knowing the adjustments have to come now and he made all of them storytime with Tim on. The shell Pennzoil performance like we made it. That entire conversation and we never touched and Vlad.

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