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Glendale Phoenix KTAR news on ninety two three FM workers including seven hundred eighty three more deaths in the past twenty four hours but there are signs the state may have reached its apex A. B. C.'s Trevor all the Easter Sunday and the Kansas Supreme Court says governor Laura Kelly's executive order banning religious services of more than ten people during the corona virus pandemic will remain in effect in Kansas the Supreme Court holding oral arguments Saturday morning in a legal showdown between democratic governor Laura Kelly and Republican legislative leaders over whether she can limit church gatherings on Easter Sunday church gatherings in Kansas have produced at least three case clusters across the state and health officials fear Easter services could further spread the corona virus CBC Stephanie Rommel's millions of Americans are preparing for Easter Sunday celebrations virtually wall isolated at home due to the coronavirus restrictions and some are getting creative one preacher printed out photos of all his parishioners to keep him company in the church I spent one night in in the chapel basically of masking tape and attorney photos putting all of the pews and it was for me actually it was an amazingly prayerful mon to be in a chapel kind of in the dark and every time I put a picture up I could you know remember the people who I was praying for and think about that David Wright ABC news New York Kentucky's governor Andy Beshear warning large gatherings are violation of coronavirus quarantine rules he says state police will be recording license plate numbers of any vehicle seen congregating in the owner of the car will be notified by local health officials they were in violation of emergency orders you're listening to ABC let's say you just bought a house bad.

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