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Okay, 1 802 831 on 1.5. Can you remain friends with an ex Uh, that is the question based on the fact that Tom Brady's ex girlfriend is yours going around wishing him well, and I mean, you have to figure me they have They have a child together. A daughter, Um and they mean he they've each had so much success. I mean, Bridget Moynahan. I think she's on one of those. Popular TV show. You know, e really don't don't tell her that. Um, was she was lost or something like that. I don't know. Oh, blue bloods. Blue blood. Never never seen one episode of blue bloods. Not one, and they actually have a have a son together, not a daughter. So I was wrong about that, But I don't know. It just struck me as odd. Maybe that's just because of what I've been used to. I've had several relationships where After it's over with, you know, as amicable as the parting of the ways might be There's this. There's this tension, and I always have a hard time of tackling this tape is, If it's a new break up, there's gonna be tension. I mean, we're talking. We're talking high school, though. If we're going back that for we can go back to us. I know, But I'm saying Yeah, there's still the tension here. But as years go by that tensions gonna less. There's some. There was some, you know, in high school, these people that I was with for a couple of months, even But even now they still act weird around me. And it's like, Wow. Yeah, but wait a second. How the question Here is in high school. You weren't out yet, right? I was not out. So that's why they might be acting a little weird again because you're like, Oh, he's Okay, But that could be that could be well. So what Say you 1 802 8311.5 more calls coming up after New Jersey Fast traffic looks like you're making progress along the Garden State Parkway. There's still a crash north and north of it gets 30 to watch out for about much farther up. The line looks like construction's out of the way at 1 32 up towards the colonia rest area. This report sponsored by Allstate turned by traffic in good shape to 27 not doing badly, although Santa and repairs Until 87 on the right lane coming down towards they get 47 year old to 021, a nun and Lyndon Cem crowding up. Same deal with Redon coming in through Lakewood Construction, leaving New Jersey of the Walt Whitman and the Ben Franklin Bridge is and the Hudson River Crossing. Everything looks to be moving along pretty well. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate, Call a local Allstate agent and get a quote. Having every 15 minutes. Next reported to 33 from the All American ought to grow Travel desk on Tom Rivers on New Jersey one A 1.5, Dennis and Judy with my friends, Easy, friend, Because I can have you open. I don't have to entertain.

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