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Take a flour Higgins it makes it more easy to trust him as well but again. I don't know just what the volume will be there right okay. Alex smith miss practice but he hasn't been ruled out. He could make basically missed practice. Still play antonio gibson did work on the side. We're still not expecting antonio gibson. Washington safety to shaves her. Everett is out for the season. We preview this game yesterday. I believe did we or is that today. don't remember. I think we preview that game yesterday but does does that matter to you. Jamie the shazier. Does that matter for russell wilson. No i think. Russell wilson is. It's hard to bench. Russell's like i. I don't think you should get you bent and play jalen hurts or rivers or any of these other guys. I know it's it's hasn't been a great stretch of games for russell wilson but you still see what the upside is for him and as we've seen throughout his career sometime he doesn't need a lot of volume to be successful but this is This this is certainly makes a little bit easier. If you wanna trust the receivers you're not benching became cap but we talked about tyler. Lockett where he stands so it could help him as well. Okay karl rudolf missed practice. There's a player that is rostered. Fifteen percent of cbs leagues that is ranked in the top. Twelve that is irv smith. That's assuming off out. Irv smith would have a really good opportunities if you need tight end. Take a look at him. Melvin gordon and phillip lindsay are both questionable. I guess right now. We're expecting them to play against buffalo. On saturday daniel jones may not start. It might be cole mccoy sunday night. Chase edmonds missed practice again. That's interesting. We'll preview that game. Robert woods was limited in practice. He's been upgraded. I think he was out wednesday limited to step in the right direction. Michael thomas is missed practice for the second straight day. Julio jones missed practice. But michael thomas might be the one that we need to talk about here. Are we concerned about michael thomas playing at this point and if he doesn't play dave. What would that mean for tatum. Hill i think the saints are gonna try and run the ball a bunch anyway in the game. Just what do you do against patrick. Mahomes you try and keep them on sideline so you're defenses and have to deal with them. So i'm nervous to use michael thomas. In our he'd be number two receiver for me anyway. If he doesn't play it hurts tastes mill. But i think he's still in the top twelve conversation a quarterback because of.

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