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Wa all right? We all know that. You don't. Make jokes while you're on an airplane or going through the TSA checkpoint. Get that nothing is funny there. But the delivery room. Hey your wife's born with a joke away. Absolutely guy says that he was with his wife. She was delivering their child. And he's jokester and was cracking jokes during the labor and delivery, and a nurse was offended. He says she's a joyless hag of nurse. And his wife was totally on board with his joking around. That's the key, the nurse kicked him out, anyway 'cause he made inappropriate jokes. So one point after six hours labor as wife system. How's it look down there, and he replied feeling launching my favorite restaurant burned down? That's funny. That's funny. It's funny she thinks it's fun. It makes the life last she's in labor delivered pain. She's laughing. That's all good guys if she was okay with, however, that's his side of it. Right. The nurse may have seen his wife, like come on dude. Really well. She was on board. They also said there was she needed some repair work down there afterward. And they're putting him stitches city putting a few extra and that she left. Yeah. So it's so he leaves the room you know, looking if I think it's you gotta take the woman, the woman delivering has all the cards there. I would think so she doesn't think it's funny or she wants anybody kicked out of the room, they go. He's a similar sense of humor, and she wasn't the least bit offended by his jokes, should not have had the right to kick him out. Exactly right. She should sell rating for trying to lighten the moment, racial, kicked them out. I mean, I would have kicked him out for a whole lot of different reasons. Speaking of nurses today..

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