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53° in Seattle It's 7 o'clock From the ABC News I'm Daria albinger President Biden is in Rome for stop on a 5 day foreign trip President Joe Biden will meet with Pope Francis on Friday ahead of the G 20 on Saturday and Sunday Top of the agenda are climate change and a digital global tax on text companies The host Italy hopes the leaders will agree upon a mid century deadline to combat climate change ahead of the cop 26 climate summit in Glasgow that starts Monday Megan Williams ABC News wrong Congress put off a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure Bill Instead they passed a short term measure which keeps transportation funded through December 3rd That's the same day the government could run out of money and the debt ceiling could be hit The house has not yet voted on the president's new version of build back better But the leader is already declaring victory A speaker Nancy Pelosi urging Progressive Party members to look at the bigger picture saying their compromise gives Americans Big tax cut to the middle class creates jobs good paying jobs lowers cost for families and while making the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share But the latest plan eliminates paid family and medical leave progressive Democrats could still derail this and the other infrastructure Bill The ABC News Washington The head coach of the NHL's Florida Panthers has resigned after a report was released this week which said the Chicago Blackhawks mishandled sexual assault allegations in a 2010 case Joel quinnell was the Black Hawk's head coach at the time Two months after he resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations former New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with one count of committing a misdemeanor sex crime Oklahoma has carried out its first execution in 6 years convicted killer John Marion grant getting a lethal injection Stocks closed higher today the Dow up more than 200 points You're listening Two ABC News If you're with Verizon AT&T or T mobile you're paying too much for cell service It's Jill schlesinger Did you know your talk.

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