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That is right. Work all right so the next one I am a top ten receiver and went to college at Penn. state I am six to two hundred and twenty pounds I was a second round pick in two thousand fourteen with Marquees Lee. No Dice Ha. I am Alan, Robinson I cannot think of what school he went to. I will say that he was the I guess I was going to throw out there, but I couldn't think of the school and I thought it was a bigger one, so share I'll all right. I was a top ten quarterback I went to college in Wyoming. Jake I- Josh. Allen Yep. You are correct in Wyoming one. Away I was waiting I was waiting for Texas Tech. Matt with buzzing. I thought to try to get something for Patrick Mahomes, but it would have been just as quick as the giants. What is pretty easy to so? Jake is up to nail. We might actually not see Matt's eighth win. He's still at what seven wins pressure is at seven seven wins among. All right I was a top ten tight end I went to college at South Dakota State Jake Dallas guttered. You are correct. That one fun fact just not. Tyler was given his name by his father, who was a cowboys fan. Weird also got punched in the face in South Dakota. Yeah, FULL CIRCLE! This was gonna be a hard one. I thought I was the number one individual defense. If player, so, I ep I went to college at Texas am six one to thirty six and I played for the cardinals. Jake! Chandler Jones that is incorrect. Is there any more clues? No, that's it. There was a cardinals player that finished number one overall ass here and it wasn't Chandler Jones nope. Linebacker I want to second guess once he's done just if he doesn't guess right I don't know I'm. I'm struggling to find an answer on this camp passing. Is it a Buddha Baker, it is not shoot I. Know he had a good year, too. I can't think of who their other linebacker would've been Jordan, Henderson. Sure, I wasn't getting her. She plays middle. LINEBACKER forum. That's insane. Think he must had a ton of tackles and stuff. Yeah, I was knocking that one well I mean. How often do you play ADP leagues? I was in one last year. Fun Fact. Deny deny he was the leading scorer though. Cool well, that is all I have. It looks like God. Jake. The W.. I didn't even like have a gas at any of those ones new. Jake beat me to the Buzzer, and it looks like what the record now is like four and seven. Yeah, I'm slowly making a comeback. Ten and three I think I got four four I'm ten and four all right. I'll give you seven. We have official record now well. Shall we jump into the the all draft? Yup, we should. We should get started here. We're GONNA do a fifteen around twelve team full PBR. We're doing no kicker and defense, and then we added an extra flex position just to make things a little bit more interesting with the number of players that we draft. We're GONNA use that draft randomized to select our position right now, so we're going to be. Be Somewhere.

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