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A great time to call doctor but you can have a virtual consultation so you're not going out to the office you're just like a lot of things right now you're doing it on your phone you're doing on on your laptop you can meet with this hair team you can be with doctor glad and you can figure out if this is something that you want to do and guess what Dr got to open up back soon the world open it up you can get hair restoration procedure and if you're working from home or you're not going in the office very often you got to get this done and no one's gonna now right like with me I took I took a couple days off I was able to wear a hat to wear when I had the hair restoration procedure done I didn't tell anybody nobody knew right so you can get this procedure done and then when you get back to work in a couple months or a month or whatever and people would just be like man you look great would you do what's different and you can just say oh nothing everything's normal right call doctor got today six one oh nine eight oh four thousand six one oh nine eight OO four thousand the website talked about that come D. R. G. L. A. T. E. dot com download the radio dot com app for it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jimmy it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your archipelagos Matt harmony but you will bounce back I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with a name your price tool it should be you given me the pep talk now get out there hit.

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