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In that and i don't even think he'd like that was anywhere near his actual skill set so i'm really excited to see what he's really good at my the one i'm weirdly incredibly excited to see it is hot summer nights with timothy timothy shalam i like i saw the might have a little crush on timothy xiaowei but i do he's like cleaned up with it shaya la for me yeah you know it was going to say i feel like he he fills in a blank for you that you may have had missing maybe that's what it is maybe that's what it is like shiloh buff is like a way out of the country and i've just got a like someone to keep me cinematic warm or something right which is strange because similar xiaomei looks legit ten years old in this movie i don't know if it was shot many many moons ago or if they're trying to emphasize that but basically he's a kid who gets sent to live with a parent that he doesn't want to a place where he doesn't understand like how the relationships work and he starts dealing we'd with kind of a shady element and the drug trade comes in hijinks do into both legal and illegal and it just looks really see it also looks heist it also looks stylized it also looks with very particular aesthetic point of view and i love those movies sometimes there sometimes letdowns but it's like at least i like the effort and the push you know so i don't know this might be another one were just like that dude's a star he just a mega sar let's go to august jamie i think probably the only no joy movie here is crazy rich asians and that is like we've i don't think we've ever really talked about it and if like as much as anyone wants to protest that movie was gonna kill h it looks like a really good navy and be overseas it's going to dunk on everybody so for this is a famously new york times bestseller book it's about an american who travelled to singapore with her longtime boyfriend for his best friends wedding and then she is shocked to learn that he is very wealthy and his family does not like her conscience we who is the bright shining light of fresh off the boat i love.

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