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Is back open for business today. It's been close since last May for renovations, a library is located in the 10,000 block of Glenn olden drive in Potomac. It's the 13th library to be refurbished in Montgomery county, they hope to bring all 21 up to date, doing so to this one cost around three and a half $1 million for the 16,000 ft² building. Coming up after traffic and weather, ship owners are playing the name game after buying spree. It's 8 O 7. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Now 8 O 8. And traffic and weather on the age, we go to Mary to pompa and the WTO P traffic center. All right, good morning Thanks, Luke, and we will go straight onto the American legion bridge. If you're traveling the inner loop out of Virginia into Maryland listener Saul, we can't see this one in the camera, but the long, the right side, like lining the transition lane to the Clare Barton Parkway, disabled vehicle had help. You're coming at that speed. So we're warning you with caution the beltway runs at speed all the way around. The other note that we had on the beltway hat is the operative word. It was the interleukin ramp to South Georgia avenue the first ramp. That crash has officially cleared. We're going to check on route one. We've been mentioning that they have their emergency utility route one college park as you run southbound, south of the beltway closer to edgewood, and if you're coming south off the ramp from the beltway, watch out along the right side. Again, it's emergency utility being reported. Maine roads for the most part, we're doing well in Maryland 95 beltway to beltway nothing

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