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Yeah yeah it was awesome but it was very envious does anyone have an answer to this maybe where you blew a chance at once in a lifetime opportunity maybe still upsets to this day well say we had is ahah thomas on the show earlier this season and we asked him because he was part of the ownership and gm for the toronto raptors when they were born so we asked vince carter's jersey should we retired and he said well before they retirements jersey they should also retire damon stoudamire jersey and trace mcgrady's jersey and marcus camby jersey and i didn't stop them right i mean i'd say i'd say the majority a lot of sports broadcasters are guilty of being in the hierarchy believing the hierarchy of up top athlete below people who talk about the sports so i should've question yeah because damon stoudamire know you can't make a tiny case for damon stoudamire because he was their first star and nobody knew where toronto was and the whole metric system thing honors what the and he was but he he asked out as soon as i left he was gone he only played for two and a half seasons tracy mcgrady come on come only three seasons marcus camby what only two seasons and or chris bosh sure obviously eventually to rosen possibly hang on nobody none of us we just said mr athlete keep talking we will laugh at your every quick we probably had mattio in our ears.

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