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You just park call and read the receipt info. And that is a B C's Jinnai Norman with that report, It's now 8 48, a man shot during the historic Hence state shootings back in 1970 has died. Alan Canfora was one of nine students hit. After the Ohio National Guard opened fire during protests against the Vietnam War. And while he survived four of his Christmas four of his classmates, rather were killed earlier this year conformed describing what happened on that tragic day. A march back up the hill. It looked like a retreat and look like they were going back where they had come from. Suddenly, when they reached the hilltop out of the 76 Guardsmen, about a dozen altogether stopped. They all turned. They all raise their weapons and they all began to shoot and they continue to shoot for 13 seconds. 67 gunshots and the incident marking the first time a students had been killed during an anti war gathering in U. S history. Well, the increasing number of deaths caused by Corona virus is having an effect on the funeral home industry. CBS is Rick Montana's saying some mortuaries air full and actually have to turn some families away as more people die from their viral infections. The trickle down effect is also hurting capacity at funeral homes, especially in Southern California. I talked to one feel along today that actually triage is every night to see how many spaces they have available. Bob Ackerman is the executive director for the California Funeral Directors Association. He says funeral homes could see what was happening in hospitals and prepared for their own increase. But even that preparation like in hospitals isn't always enough to keep up in California, recently became the first state to record two million recorded cases of coronavirus. At 8 49. Since the start of the vaccinations, a number of fraudsters have started to rear their ugly heads ABC Stephanie Ramos, saying officials in New York busting up a scheme alleging an opportunity to skip the line. Get the vaccine Authorities investigating a health care provider park hair community health for allegedly violating the state's distribution plan. Park hair is accused of diverting doses of the vaccine to members of the public ahead of health care workers, nursing home residents and staff Park Air, saying in a statement it followed all New York State Department of Health procedures. And proactively returned its vaccines pending the department's review and reports claiming that park here fraudulently obtained doses of the vaccine. Transfer them to other facilities within their network in that is a violation. Of state guidelines at 8 50 in Illinois and Army Green Beret arrested in connection with a shooting at a bowling alley on Saturday at the Rockford, Illinois Bowling Alley. You were hiding behind a wooden crate, Matthew writer and his girlfriend. People were screaming People were crying. The shots that culture and closer girlfriend Amanda Hollenbeck was on the phone for Mama was like, Mom, I love you. There's an active shooter. I gotta go..

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