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Cossio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Ed Markey discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank


The green new deal by Democrats, socialists, Cindy, Cossio Cortez. Ed Markey yesterday, you won't believe the bat. Guano details. These people are crazy. Meanwhile, AFC is calling ice radical and that they need to be abolished. The supreme court yesterday. The chief Justice rules with the left on an abortion case in Louisiana. Not good news, folks. Governor HOGAN vs lawmakers and the general insane asylum on the start of the school day. This is absolutely ridiculous argument. Gunshot victim in congress. Democrats refused to allow him to testify and he's one of their own rumors of a deal on the border wall talks. But don't hold your breath. Maryland democrat has introduced a Bill to implement statewide section eight housing. We'll take a look at Virginia within a governor. He could face rape charges in Massachusetts. There's news on the hate hoaxer out in Chicago New poll out thirteen percent one Medicare for all only because. Would eliminate private insurance? That's the caveat. There. A lot of other news here this morning course, you can call us four ten WCBS six eighty one eight hundred WCBS six eighty you can Email us. I am six eighty wcbMcom text into the show using the WCBS mobile phone app. Our executive producer is Noah Dankner. And of course, later on Tom fitting of Judicial Watch will join us to talk about there's still stonewalling on Clinton emails and Judicial Watch is on the prowl for those top stories today, sandy or Cossio Cortez socialist, sandy as she's known here on the program. We'll unveiled yesterday with Massachusetts congressman, Ed Markey. What is called the green new deal and sandy said that there will be nobody left behind on this deal. Faces all of us, and we are not going to get divided over it period. We leave no one behind on our solutions. One behind Marquis has dubbed a new phrase for our constitutional Republic. We are reclaiming I'll leadership on the most important issue facing humankind. This is the new climate democracy of the people by the people for the planet. I don't remember seeing that in our founding documents that phrase for the planet political or kind of dismissed it said, you know, whatever I don't wanna they green dreamers or whatever. But she's still is a climate change believer all kinds of ideas coming forward. We welcome all of them as they highlight the importance of this existential threat to the planet, but Frank you read through this deal, and we'll get into some of the specifics here in just a second. But they these people are bad guano crazy. Lunatics. I had more laughs looking over the new green deal than I ever had reading all with comic books in the world. It's it's just amazing and some of the outstanding. Thanks, I should say outlandish things and outstanding at the same time rebuild every single building here in this country rebuild every single one. Banned nuclear energy within ten years Bill. This is the one I love build trains across oceans, and and all air travel, even even crazy maisy. Geraldo is against that. We have time in Hawaii. So can pass on the on the green new deal or whatever it is. So it is something that you're right about the this is just I mean, you look at it. And and you're right. The mentioned ten years that is the time line here. Can you imagine it is not hyperbole to contend that? The green new deal is probably the most ridiculous and un-american plan that has ever been presented by an elected official in the history of the United States. It's something that you'd have to have the imagination of a comic book artist and writer because this is this is what you would see in the old comic books. I mean, this is this is absolutely funny. Now, we're lamb crazy at the same time. We're laughing because it is so outrageous and then mocking its own and so forth, but they're serious about this. And let me tell you how seriously are Cory Booker Camilo Perez. Liz, Warren Kirsten gillibrand Julian Castro Baidoa Rourke, they're all signed on this thing. You know? I just aren't I really believe that they're gonna be remaking of one flew over the cuckoo's nest and. Alexandra Cossio Cortes instead of Jack Nicholson having the lead role. She should have the lead role and yet they're following her. Like, she is. I mean when Michael Moore on dubbed her the leader of the left. I mean, pretty soon she's probably going to be challenging Pelosi galore for the gavel because the the the far left wing media loves her all these progressive kooks lover by Pelosi galore is got a little bit of a problem on our hands. I think and we'll have to wait and see. Now, there's a new climate change committee that of course, congress has created under the Democrats. That Pelosi made sure that the socialist sandy wasn't on it. So there that's already begun the little bit of the cat and mouse game, Sean you, and I are going to be placed in a very strange position. It's I think in the in the suing weeks, we may be in the same corner with Nancy Pelosi. Because she's not going to allow this to go on the rug is going to be pulled somehow or another. I mean, look there was already this snow about this fake committee on what is it? Carbon taxes or something like that something regarding the environment. Right. This is right up. Cortez's alley and yet she wasn't even named to the committee and the committee basically is just to appease her and the other lunatics on.

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Cossio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Ed Markey discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank

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