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Your money. Goes a long way You know we've got like boo ball. That is really good for mental and physical. Help for kids. And i'm gonna be donating some of those to a place that Works with children. Who are going through. Tough times Because then you know. I don't have any kids of my own right now. I do have nieces and nephews. It certainly bought for but I don't know. I just like helping people. And that's just one more way. I can help our vendors and somebody else's well cool is that you make life just a little bit more special. So what are the long term goals for levy biffi. Where where do you want you in the company to be in its founders. Should be in say two years two years In two years we wanna have We wanna have helped. What was it. We were talking about the other day. I was talking until one of the team members. And i said if we could in twenty twenty twenty twenty one. I guess we're in now Help really make a difference to twenty one new businesses or small businesses. That would be fabulous. So i guess in two years. We'd like to have made a difference in a lot of people's lives in maybe some name recognition out there. I mean you know we're not gonna be I dunno apple. We're not going to be as big as apple that but maybe one day you know. We'd like to When we approach people say listen. This is really going to change your lives. Here's what it's done for other people so you're building relationships helping people in their business and just just helping people in general. Because that's why that's where your heart right your passion helping people right the whole team. And i think that's why we get along so well as 'cause our heart all of us have our hearts in the same place mentally so who is going to be a good referral for vs at a startup..

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